Vitacost Premium Men’s Daily Packs

Whether you’re interested in filling in nutrient gaps in a less-than-perfect diet or want to support a specific area of health, taking dietary supplements is a go-to solution for millions of Americans today. In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports than more than half of U.S. adults currently use one or more supplements — with multi-vitamins topping the most-popular list.

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Beyond a basic daily multi, perhaps you take fish oil to increase your intake of important omega-3s, or a calcium supplement if bone health is a priority for you. Men and women have different interests — and very different needs. But for all of us, one thing is certain: it’s not easy deciding which supplements are right to take, or when they should be taken.

If your countertops or cabinets are cluttered with supplement bottles, I hope you’ll consider one of the newest additions to our selection of quality supplement formulas: Vitacost ® Daily Packs.

Never before has it been easier to take multiple, specialized supplements to meet your nutritional needs. Each convenient “to-go” packet contains not just a complete multi-vitamin, but several additional supplements that you””as a health-conscious individual — already may take separately as part of your daily regimen.

My personal choice is Vitacost ® Premium Men’s Daily Packs, an advanced system that includes five formulas combined especially for men, including:

  • A Premium Multi-Vitamin with 23 essential vitamins and minerals, antioxidants such as green tea and resveratrol, plus a Digestive Enzyme Blend, a Men’s Health Blend and a Green Super Foods Blend
  • A Super Saw Palmetto blend, featuring high-quality, standardized saw palmetto extract to help support healthy prostate function*
  • An easy-to-swallow, purified Fish Oil softgel delivering EPA and DHA — essential omega-3 fatty acids that can be difficult to obtain from diet alone
  • Magnesium Ultra, with 300 milligrams of this important mineral that plays a part in many body functions, from bone health to supporting cardiovascular health*
  • A 42 Fruit & Vegetable blend, perfect for men whose diets are missing fresh whole foods. Included are phytonutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, herbs and super green foods such as spirulina, wheat grass and chlorella

All of this is delivered in just six capsules, tucked into a small packet that can be taken anywhere you go — to restaurants, work, the gym or travel. Each box contains a 30-day supply — a value much greater than you’ll get purchasing individual supplement formulas.

This exciting new line also includes Premium Women’s Daily Packs, with nutrients such as calcium and cranberry for bladder and urinary tract health.* In addition, you can choose Essential Men’s Vitamin Packs or Essential Women’s Vitamin Packs, offering many of these same nutrients in just four convenient capsules/tablets daily.

Taking supplements should never have to be a struggle. Grab a Vitacost ® Daily Pack and keep moving — we’re here to help make healthy living easier for you!

Learn more about these convenient daily packs in this video:


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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5 comments on «Vitacost Premium Men’s Daily Packs»

  1. manny says:

    I would like to see green cofee capsules. email me with info

    1. Hi Manny,
      Click here to browse the green coffee bean extract products on our website. Hope that helps!

  2. Wayne Wasserman says:

    I have concerns about how some of the raw materials (ingredients) have changed for the worse in the Synergy multi-vitamins in recent months. We were promised that changes for the better were coming…not for the worse. If I could take charge of formulating the multi-vitamins, they would be THE BEST anywhere.

  3. Maia Stirling says:

    this past order was difficult and required too much effort on my part to do business on line or to continue to recommend Vitacost to others which I have done.
    Customer service has diminished as well as simple email communication
    i wonder if a new CEO has decided break what already worked really well.
    Too bad, because I can and will go elsewhere, if this continues;poor email response time, poor direct customer service continues..
    Just in 1 month I have noticed a difference in doing a simple on line transaction. What was easy is now difficult.
    Remember Mr CEO, if it ain’t broke, don\’t fix it, unless that is your job

  4. Catherine says:

    Maia I am so sorry to hear that you had a less-than-amazing experience recently. One of our top proporities is ensuring that our customer experience is 100% satisfactory. Without our loyal customer feedback like yours, we wouldn’t know where we could improve and continue to be the place you want to shop. Please send me a private message with your issue details and I will be glad to assist you. You can reach me directly at Thanks so much for letting me help!

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