Vitacost Vitamin and Probiotic Formulas

I am all about ways to make life easier — especially when I don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience.

That’s the idea behind Vitacost vitamins & probiotics, available exclusively at We carefully formulated these unique, 2-in-1 formulas to provide you with the benefits of 2 different high-quality supplements in 1 easy-to-take tablet.

With Vitacost vitamins + probiotics, you get the essential nutrition of high-quality vitamins, conveniently combined with the enhanced support of 1 billion colony-forming units (CFUs for short) of beneficial bacteria, also known as probiotics.

And even better, our probiotics feature a patented BIO-tract ® delivery system, to ensure a higher percentage of beneficial organisms reach the intestines.

  • Vitacost Vitamin D3 with ProbioticsVitacost Vitamin D3 with Probiotics: Vitamin D is important for many different body functions, yet can be difficult to obtain from diet alone. This convenient formula provides 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol, the preferred form) coupled with Lactobacillus plantarum, eliminating the need to take a separate probiotic formula.
  • Vitacost B-Complex with Probiotics: If you need a B-Complex, this supplement has you covered, with key levels of seven different B-vitamins, including folic acid (400 mg) and vitamin B-12 (12 mcg). But this isn’t your basic vitamin; we took things a step further by adding 1 billion CFU of probiotics in each serving to help replenish your body’s supply of “good” bacteria.
  • Vitacost AdvanC ® with Probiotics: What’s better than 1,000 mg of gentle, acid-neutralized vitamin C in a single-tablet serving? How about 1,000 mg of combined with the enhanced support of probiotics in the same single vegetarian tablet? That’s exactly what this convenient formula provides.
  • Vitacost Probiotic Multi-Vitamin: If you’re taking both a multi-vitamin and a probiotic formula every day, this supplement is the perfect way to simplify your daily routine. You won’t have to sacrifice quality, either ““ with 100% of the Daily Value for 11 essential vitamins and minerals plus 1 billion CFU of a beneficial probiotic blend, 1 tablet per day is all you need.

Your supplement routine doesn’t have to be complicated. Thanks to these new, unique formulas, you can enjoy the convenience of 2 important things in 1 — get your vitamins and probiotics together, exclusively at!

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  1. Linda Lyerly says:

    Are your vitacost vitamins GMO free? Thank you

    1. Hi Linda,
      Thanks for your question! We do have a line of vitamins that is free of GMO ingredients – you can see all of those by clicking here.

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