Vitacost Whole Food Line

Today’s consumer wants to recognize the ingredients in their food — and be able to pronounce them without referencing a dictionary. If this sounds like you, I would assume you feel the same about vitamins, supplements, super foods and anything else you put in your body to keep it healthy. That’s why we created the Vitacost Whole Food line. No more stumbling over unfamiliar ingredients that sound more like a science project than a dietary supplement.

Vitacost Whole Food Line

Pick your favorite whole food-based vitamins and supplements from our growing selection.

Our Whole Food products grew from the demand for a more thoughtful line of vitamins, herbs, seeds and super foods (and the crop keeps growing). I take great pride in this line, primarily because these products yield carefully selected, identifiable nutrients which are sure to nourish your whole body. If you’re looking for a greener, 100% vegetarian, non-GMO version of your must-have health product, I think we have just the thing and at just the right price! (If we don’t, we’re always open to suggestions.)

Do you say no to GMO?

Our Whole Food line is free of genetically-modified organisms, or ingredients which have been altered from their original DNA structure. Though the debate continues over whether genetic modification poses any serious health risks, we’ve decided to play it safe.

Does organic win you over?

It’s only natural. Whenever I have the option, I go for the organic variety every time to avoid pesticides and preservatives. We’ve applied this same philosophy to our Whole Food line. When it makes sense and we have the choice, Vitacost Whole Food products will be formulated with organic ingredients to get you closer to the best of what nature has to offer.

Is artificial not acceptable?

We have you covered– in a bare-minimum kind of way. Without sacrificing class or dignity, our Whole Food line has gone au natural. This means no artificial colors, fake flavors or preservatives. Whether you choose vitamin C capsules or chia seeds, you can rest assured you’re getting the real deal.

Are stearates a deal-breaker?

You often see “magnesium stearate” or “stearic acid” listed as one of the other ingredients in vitamins and supplements. Their purpose is to help prevent the nutrients from sticking to manufacturing equipment during the encapsulation process. Stearates are perfectly safe for human consumption, but we understand that some people prefer to have no binders or fillers in their nutritional supplements. Enter the Vitacost Whole Food line. None of our Whole Food supplements or products contain binders, fillers or stearates.

Is a vegetarian diet your lifestyle?

Regardless if you’re a meat-eater, 100% of our Whole Food line is 100% vegetarian. That means all plant-based ingredients are used to create these products — no bovine derivatives, fish or shellfish. And we don’t source just any plants. For example, our Whole Food Vitamin C does not come from corn-derived ascorbic acid. Probiotics and organic fruits and vegetables come together to make the most bioavailable form of the nutrients your body needs, because that’s what you deserve.

Do you like paying more for quality ingredients?

Okay, so that’s a rhetorical question. Choosing better-for-you products does not have to hurt your wallet. Our Whole Food line is just as affordable as any of our other private label products. Plus, we often offer extra savings of up to 50% on our Vitacost brand. Yes, that includes our premium Whole Food line!

From our Calcium Complex to Yaeyama Chlorella, this selection is truly the cream of the crop. We think you, too, will be pleased by what these products have to offer and maybe even more pleased with what they lack. Head to our new, easy-to-navigate page, watch the video and pick from our patch of continuously growing Whole Food products.

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  1. I have been interested with health, wellness and nutrition for 15 years now, after I was diagnosed with PTSD. As you know depression can make you tired, and pack the pounds on you. So to compare fatigue and anxiety I turned to supplements, and nutrition. I have ordered a variety of items from Vitacost. I have tried your parsley kitchen cleaner, the almond floor cleaner, the laundry detergent, the citrus apple pectin ( which I love ), the sarsaparilla tincture, the Coconut Oil, the sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, and the Herbatint Hair Color. I love them all!! I seem to be out of energy all the time. Every spring my doctor has to prescribe a vitamin D supplement, because I am not getting enough sunlight in the winter months. So I will definitely be trying some of your Vitamin D Sunny Gummies this year, as it is already getting dark earlier in the day. I would need some Vitamin C. There are just oodles of products I would like to try. I am on a very tight income so I try to refer as many friends on Twitter, Pinterest, and by email as I can. Some people don’t want to spend their money on their health, but I say that health and well being is all there is:). Thank you Vitacost for letting me be a part of your community! Will definitely check out you Whole Foods Line and keep referring. Couldn’t think of a nicer company.

  2. Patsy says:

    Thank you so much. I have enjoyed using your website for years now and have benefitted greatly by the products and the the everyday savings not to mention the over the top specials. WOW!. I am so gratified to read your commitment to a healthier product and will continue to recommend your site.

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