Q&A: What’s so Great about Vitacost Products?

Q: What sets Vitacost vitamins and supplements apart from other brands?

A: Great question! We always love any excuse to tout the benefits of our pride and joy – Vitacost products.

Vitacost brand vitamins and supplements (available exclusively at Vitacost.com, of course) are made to the highest standards of quality, efficacy and safety.

Vitacost supplements meet or exceed the high standards set forth in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia and the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).  Great – so what does that mean exactly? It means that they’re excellent products made with high-quality ingredients — and they’re manufactured and packaged using swanky, state-of-the-art machinery.

As if that wasn’t enough, Vitacost supplements are also subject to strict in-house laboratory practices and testing protocols.

When we say “high-quality” ingredients, we mean it. To ensure maximum effectiveness, raw materials are tested for identity, strength, purity, and composition compliance. Finished products are then tested for final analysis to confirm and validate their identity, strength, purity and composition prior to distribution. Basically, we make sure that when you buy our products, you get the good stuff.

Read more about the Vitacost Brand Quality Guarantee and watch our video to get a behind-the-scenes peek at our facilities.


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Katie is a Marketing Editor (and loyal customer) at Vitacost.com. In her spare time, she enjoys biking with her husband, playing with her pets and writing bios about herself.

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6 comments on «Q&A: What’s so Great about Vitacost Products?»

  1. Sarah says:

    How do I know the expiry date of the vita cost salmon oil I bought? It only has a manufacture date.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      This product should be good up to 2 years past the manufacture date.
      Thanks for your question!

  2. Michael says:

    Hi, are Vitacost supplements manufactured in the United States? If not, then in what country? Does Vitacost personally manufacture/formulate/bottle their own supplements, or does another supplement company do this and a Vitacost label is applied? If so, what is the third party company? Thank you!!

  3. Sandra Cook says:

    Where are your supplements manufactured? United States or overseas?

    1. Hi Sandra — Materials for Vitacost® products are sourced from markets throughout world and manufactured in the United States and Canada. Whether you’re buying Coconut Oil sourced from the Philippines, Garcinia Cambogia grown throughout Asia or Apple Cider Vinegar fermented in a century-old plant in New York City, all Vitacost® products are thoroughly tested to meet stringent safety, quality and potency standards.

  4. Rick says:

    Will you ever start printing on labels or on your website were the product comes from?
    Many grocery stores do that in my area now with meats.

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