Eco-Friendly Back-to-School Shopping Guide

Whether you love it or hate it, the first day of school is right around the corner. It’s time to stock up on all of the essentials to make sure you’re at peak performance level while managing the hectic schedules that come with the school year.

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Warding off the plethora of germs that circulate through our children’s classrooms is one of the hardest tasks, in my opinion. Of course, we all teach our kids good hygiene and hand washing techniques, but as back up, keep a pocket pack of EO All Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes in their backpack. They are alcohol-free, made of essential plant oils, and proven to kill 99.9% of germs. Get them in the habit of using a wipe every day before lunch to help stop germs in their tracks. I also like to keep a bigger container of CleanWell Wipes in my car, so we are always well stocked.

Then, there’s all those lunches you’re going to pack. Last year I bought those reusable sandwich and snack bags, thinking I was doing a good thing. They were gross! They smelled like plastic and chemicals, and made the food taste that way, too! I chucked them. Instead of wasting money on “eco-friendly” products that are anything but, ease your budget and your conscience by using If You Care Paper Sandwich and Snack Bags this year. Unbleached, not chemically treated, and made from 100% renewable resources, they’re the greener, healthier alternative to those plastic zip-top bags piling up in landfills.

For those days when you feel like you just keep going and going and going, put a couple of packets of  Emergen-C  in your bag. The all-natural energy boost from vitamins and minerals will perk you right up when you feel like your get-up-and-go already got-up-and-went.  Emergen-C Kidz, available in great flavors like  orange  and  fruit punch, also makes a great alternative to sugary juice drinks and soda.

And to prevent what I consider one of the biggest hassles of having school-aged children, invest in the entire Fairy Tales Repel line to deter the dreaded head lice. Shampoo, conditioner and even styling gel made with organic herbs including rosemary, citronella, tea tree and mint, help to keep away head lice and other insects. It’s a staple in our house, make it one in yours, too.

Happy first day of school!

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