Going Green in the Bedroom

With Earth Day right around the corner, I know you’re making a dedicated effort to buy eco-friendly products. And to make little changes in your everyday life””like recycling cereal boxes, using those reusable water bottles you bought last year (but totally forgot about until today) and buying fruits and veggies at the local organic farmer’s market.  You promise to leave no eco-friendly stone unturned.

As you replay the fun you had with your man last night, you may find yourself wondering, “Is there anything I could be doing in the bedroom to help preserve this amazing planet of ours?” Or something like that. Work with me here.

When we care for ourselves with healthy and natural products, we are honoring the ultimate Bombshell””Mother Earth! I’ve got some awesome tips on how you can “go green” in the boudoir, and I don’t mean washing your sheets less. In fact, please, don’t do that, I’m shuddering at the thought.

Did you know there are several brands of organic personal lubricant? Try out Joi Organics Intimate Moist Gel Naked, Honey Girl Organics Personal Lubricant, or Good Clean Love Almost Naked Personal Lubricant. All of these products are free of parabens and petrochemicals. Instead, they use all-natural ingredients, such as aloe and organic oils to  help create a smooth, velvety feel for you and your partner.*

You can also buy intimate toys that are phthalate free, such as the The Berman Center Intimate Basics Thor. You’re in pretty close contact with these toys, so it’s not a bad idea to consider the materials. Don’t forget, a true Bombshell always cares for the tools of her intimate playground with toy cleaner to keep them free of bacteria and general yuckiness.

Any Bombshells out there have more tips on being green in the bedroom? Leave them in the comments section below!

*Always check personal lubricant manufacturer recommendations about use with latex and toys.  

“The Bombshell Mommy” is written by Abigail Blank, romance author and mother of three. Frozen Heart and its sequel, Melted Tears, are published under her pen name: Annabelle Blume. Got a question about how to juggle it all and still be a Bombshell? Email Abigail at thebombshellmommy@gmail.com, connect with her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter @Bombshell_Mommy and look for her on Pinterest.

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