Non-GMO Organic Crepes with Spreadable Honey and Fresh Berries

If you’re looking for a change of pace from the typical pancake, I’ve got a fantastic dairy-free crepe recipe that will knock your socks off. Now, I know you’re thinking, “Crepes?! Who does she think I am, Martha Stewart?” But I promise you when I say these are easy, quick and take only three ingredients to make! They are perfect when slathered with Vitacost’s spreadable honey and topped with fresh organic berries.

Organic Vegan Crepes

Makes 5 dairy-free crepes

Prep Time:10 minutes

Cook Time: approx 2 minutes per crepe


1 cup organic flour
1 cup organic almond milk
3 tbsp organic coconut oil (melted)
Spreadable honey
Organic berries


  1. Mix flour and almond milk until smooth. Add coconut oil and mix until blended. Keep batter in refrigerator for at least 5 minutes while you heat the pan.
  2. Coat a 10-inch pan with coconut oil over medium heat. Pour 1/2 cup of batter into pan and swirl until pan is covered. Continue shuffling the crepe in the pan for approximately 1 minute, then flip and cook for another minute.
  3. Gently spread honey on each crepe and fold into thirds. Top with fresh organic berries.

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