Pillow Talk

Good sex is all about angles. Humans have experimented with sexual positions for millennia, in search of more blissful sensations and better or more easily achieved orgasms. Let’s face it, there’s sex and then there’s good sex, and the difference between the two can be as small as a flick of the wrist yet as huge as, well, a mind blowing climax of sexual satisfaction.

But as many of you know, with age comes experience, but also a big heaping spoonful of wear and tear on your body. Just because you can’t do a headstand doesn’t mean you should shy away from exploring more adventurous sex.

In this age old quest for new and exciting positions, many of us have come to use various structures and furniture. The washing machine, the table, the comfy old recliner, all of these are tried and true apparatuses in our love making adventures. Yet, what often gets overlooked is the amazing benefits of the pillow.

You can use a pillow under your knees, behind your head, under your pelvis, the list is endless. It can be as simple as using a standard bed pillow to adjust your angle or, for more serious comfort, invest in a Bucky Baxter Lumbar Support Pillow or the Bucky Buckwheat Hull Bed Pillow, both filled with soothing buckwheat hull to provide comfortable positioning and support. A firmer pillow, like the Bucky, won’t become flattened or mangled when the intensity picks up, if you know what I mean.

But the ultimate delight in the world of pillow-assisted love making is the Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo. Made specifically to support your body in a variety of exciting and sensual sexual positions, the Liberator will make any of the more elusive positions for foreplay, oral sex, and intercourse more accessible and enjoyable. No more hanging off the edge of the kitchen counter or wondering if the office chair is going to give out this time. The Liberator lets you explore all of your fantasies without the threat of physical injury (that is, unless, that’s your thing, which in that case you’ll want to visit my post on making your own Red Room of Pain).

Don’t let your sexuality be restrained by any physical challenges. Find what’s right for you and enjoy your body to the fullest.

“The Bombshell Mommy” is written by Abigail Blank, romance author and mother of three. Frozen Heart and its sequel, Melted Tears, are published under her pen name: Annabelle Blume. Got a question about how to juggle it all and still be a Bombshell? Email Abigail at thebombshellmommy@gmail.com, connect with her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter @Bombshell_Mommy and look for her on Pinterest.


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