Frozen Yoga for Beginners

Hot workout trends come and go, but Frozen Yoga is so cool, we’re certain this new fitness trend is here to stay. Originally practiced by ancient Eskimo cultures and handed down from the furthest, most far-reaching corners of the iciest regions of the world, these highly beneficial postures are making their mainstream debut during the peak of the Polar Vortex. To keep your practice authentic, we recommend wearing an insulated parka, using a classic wooden toboggan and keeping an ice pick on hand (you never know when you might need it!).

Downward Sled Dog

Frozen Yoga Series

This series is designed to help open your throat chakra to all the possibilities that the world has to offer. While practicing it may help you to be more assertive in your day-to-day activities, this series also aids in elongating your vertebrae and strengthening your backbone. To start, place your hands in front of you and kneel on your toboggan (if you have problems with your knees you can also sit Sasquatch style). Breath in slowly through your nose and release with a loud h-o-w-l sound – make sure you feel a strong “h” vibrating in your throat. Doing so increases your vibrato and releases toxins in the larynx. It is best to howl five times before beginning your Frozen Yoga practice.


Snow Salutation

Snow Salutation

Transition from Downward Sled Dog position and stand on the tops of your toes with your hands directly above your head. Look up to the sky and let your tongue drop out of your mouth (make sure it’s relaxed before beginning this posture). In order for you to properly strengthen your muscular hydrostat, flex your tongue toward the sky. From the side you should look like a baby penguin. This posture should be a minute long; do not move out of this position or you will not be able to receive the full benefits of the salutation.


Penguin Pose

Penguin Pose

Lower your hands, release your toes and place your tongue back in your mouth. Place your arms and hands at the sides of your body and look directly at the ground. Lower your head and place your chin on your chest. With your eyes focused on the ground in front of you, you are ready to begin the posture. With your arms glued to your sides, jump in the air and move your feet side to side. You must stay in the same spot, and whatever you do…do not release your chin from your chest. For those more advanced in the practice, open and close your mouth during each jump. Imagine you are being fed a fish; open your mouth wide enough to receive all the benefits of this throat strengthening exercise.


Cryogenic State

Frozen Yoga

In order to complete the series, your body must take in all the benefits. Lie with your back on your toboggan, head rested on the ground and your legs out in front of you. Let the arctic temperature infiltrate your body and relax as your toes become numb. Let your mind wander and imagine yourself sleeping for a thousand years; relax your feet and feel the chilly burn start to work its way up to your hands. Start to breathe in only through your nose, as your mouth should be forming tiny ice crystals. Feel your body getting heavier as your blood starts to freeze. Finally, close your eyes and thank yourself for the hard work your body has done.

As they say in say in Frozen Yoga, burrrrratè

JUST KIDDING! The above routine was fabricated in honor of April Fools’ Day. While yoga certainly is a health-promoting practice, we wouldn’t recommend doing it in sub-zero temps, during a snowstorm or while balancing on a toboggan (or any surface that might slip from under your feet). For a real yoga routine for beginners, click here

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