Official statement regarding Vitacost radio ads from CMO David Zucker

Here at, our goal is to take the cost out of healthy living by offering thousands of healthy products at affordable prices. To promote this mission, we launched a national radio advertising campaign in January that airs on many different programs, including the Rush Limbaugh show. As a result of the derogatory comments Mr. Limbaugh made on his program, we decided to remove our advertising. We appreciate and support Mr. Limbaugh’s right to voice his opinion, just not how he delivered his message.   Our decision was in no way a statement about Mr. Limbaugh’s or his listeners’ political views, but rather his lack of respect for another human being. takes healthy living very seriously, and we believe that respect for others is a huge part of that healthy lifestyle.

Thank you,

David Zucker, CMO


Katie is the Content Supervisor (and a loyal customer) at In her spare time, she enjoys biking with her husband, playing with her pets and writing bios about herself.

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Katie is the Content Supervisor (and a loyal customer) at In her spare time, she enjoys biking with her husband, playing with her pets and writing bios about herself.

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61 comments on «Official statement regarding Vitacost radio ads from CMO David Zucker»

  1. E. says:

    How can you support his right to voice his opinion but “not how he delivered his message”? What is the difference? Talk about intellectual dishonesty and double-speak (not to mention bad writing). So I suppose it’s safe to say you don’t now, nor will you ever, advertise on any Bill Maher programming?

  2. Barbara says:


  3. Artemis Kares says:

    Thank you for pulling the Limabaugh advertising.

  4. norma carlyon says:

    I would not have known you had business with Rush, I used to listen to him, to hear what the ‘other side’ was doing… not kidding… I found him amusing… however, when he ranted about drug addicts, etc. and then it got out through the news that he was addicted to prescription Rxs. I felt sorry for him… then the news leaked his housekeeper had been getting his drugs in Mexico for him. That did it! I love VitaCost and support what you sell, and your own named products… I understand your stopping your association with Rush… however, his followers won’t stop…

  5. Fay says:

    So basically you will only sell to liberals. The hell with the millions of us that listen to Rush. So be it.

  6. Ashley says:

    Well said! Thank you for removing your advertising!

  7. Terry Grant says:

    Long Time Vitacost customer, just check your records! I will no longer be. I will not support a company that panders to the liberal left wing agenda that is destroying our country and eventually businesses like yours! PS – I will be blogging, tweeting and facebooking this heavily!

  8. R Kopek says:

    Mr Zucker, you caved in to an organized effort to destroy Mr. Limbaugh and to shut down his radio program. Perhaps you weren’t aware of this effort but in the many comments supporting your decision you can see the hate and intolerance directed toward Rush. There are always two sides to every story and Rush did apologize. There is an agenda out there to silence many of us and you played right into it.
    All I can say that is that were my daughter testifying about her sex life for all to see I would be mortified, and as for it being about womens’ health, promiscuity breeds STDs, where is health prevention in that? Again, two sides to every story.

  9. Theresa Dillon says:

    I am shocked that Vitacost was a supporter of Limbaugh’s show and, if I had known, I would have never ordered from you.
    How could any advertiser ever associate themselves with this drug addict who has always broadcast lies, half-truths and hatred? Didn’t you have any qualms about supporting him after he mocked Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s Disease? This man has always been a vile person and I’m certainly disappointed in your company.
    That said, thank you for discontinuing your support. Better late than never.
    Theresa Dillon

  10. Thank you Vitacost. Mr. Limbaugh may have a right to denigrate publically anyone he wishes; but, I have the right to turn off the show.

  11. Jeannine says:

    Thank you! I can now go on being a happy and loyal Vitacost customer!

  12. kristen Hicks says:

    I have very carefully and non-judmentally read your letter, and frankly I feel it is a feeble kowtowing to all sides, damage control. This quote says it all:
    “We appreciate and support Mr. Limbaugh’s right to voice his opinion, just not how he delivered his message. Our decision was in no way a statement about Mr. Limbaugh’s or his listeners’ political views, but rather his lack of respect for another human being.
    Mr. Limbaugh does have a right to his opinion- as do all Americans- but his opinions are slanted, distorted and “his truth” – not “The Truth”. I take NO political position on this, but I have NO idea WHY any company would involve itself with ANYONE of ANY viewpoint. Is market share really worth it? You knew Mr. Limbaugh’s history, yet you chose to go there, so I must conclude- from your letter- that you support his views (although Not his current rant), and are now doing damage control.
    There are many more positive and productive areas to advertise and gain market share. Try the Girl Scouts.
    I am sitting at the computer seriously considering my next supplement order to SWANSON.

  13. charles zad says:

    This family of five is DONE with your products. You are CAVING to those to the LEFT OF FIDEL CASTRO. Shame on you. These filthy unintelligent parasites on our country are RUINING IT.

  14. SandyLester says:

    I do not do business with companies that cave to political correctness. Good bye.

  15. Ish Kabible says:

    I guess that I will never again purchase anything from you as you don’t believe in the 1st Amendment and buy into the orchestrated attack of the DNC.
    I hope to see you in bankruptcy.

  16. Crate Brown says:

    I will not support a company that has the left wing agenda.

  17. Lynda Parker says:

    I am deeply disappointed with your decision to pull your advertisement from the Rush Limbaugh show. With your decision, I too must decide if I wish to do business with you. If you check your orders, you will see that I’ve spent alot of money with your company. I hope you reconsider or I’ll have to find another company that believes in free speech.

  18. Brenda J says:

    I will go out of my way to tell friends not to patronize your company. Rush Limbaugh has apologized. Bill Maher has not(for his many,many worse lapses) and Obama has a cool $1 million from him. The hypocrisy in the comments around here stinks. Breitbart lives!

  19. Dawn Denman says:

    I would like to commend your company on the decision to discontinue advertisements on Rush Limbaugh’s show. His comments were incredibly misogynistic and completely disrespectful to women. Your courage to stand up and do the right thing has earned my respect. Of course Rush has the freedom to say what he wants, but I the freedom to choose where I spend my money. Your company has shown me that you respect women and their buying power and you have earned my business. Thank you.

  20. P Moyer says:

    Vitacost has obviously sided with Obama’s Commie Care. Any freedom loving American would do well to not send any of their hard earned money to a company that seeks to assist their very enslavement by the State. Vote with your quickly deflating dollars. May Vitacost pay with their bankruptcy.

  21. Marcia A says:

    No more Vitacost in this house…..we believe in FREE SPEECH for EVERYONE….unlike SOME Others.

  22. Deb says:

    Long time big customer: Looks like you only want to sell to liberals. This is a bad business decisiom!

  23. Sarah says:

    Guess who is working feverishly to put the supplement companies out of business and to keep those of us that depend on supplements from getting them through onerous legislation? That’s right, liberals. The same liberals that Rush fights every day. The same liberals that feign insult when they put a FRAUD of a woman up as their spokesperson and have her claim that tax payers need to buy her rubbers and pills. OMG. I will switch ALL of my supp business to Swanson’s. Good job vitacost. You kneejerked and lost.

  24. Al says:

    Pulling yours ads from the Rush radio program was a bad business decision. Rush gave a sincere apology. I have been a long-time customer; I will look elsewhere for my supplements.

  25. Karl says:

    So Mr. Zucker, you “launched a national radio advertising campaign in January that airs on many different programs, including the Rush Limbaugh show.” And you decided to remove your advertising from the Limbaugh show because of “derogatory comments Mr. Limbaugh made on his program” over a period of several days.
    Can you give us a list of the “MANY DIFFERENT PROGRAMS” that your advertising campaign CONTINUES to runs on so that we can assess whether THOSE PROGRAMS EVER HAVE ANY DEROGATORY COMMENTS? If not, then you are cowards as Barbara (March 6 at 3:07 pm) said. We’ll be looking for your posting of that list.

  26. Brenda Joyce says:

    Too bad you caved. –poor decision for you, financially. Rush fans will remain, but you will not have access to them any longer. Those who weren’t Rush fans won’t become Vitacost fans because of your w/d. They didn’t listen to him anyway. I am a long time Vitacost customer–many years, and am disappointed that you fell for the boycott and “beat him up get him off the air” party line.

  27. LibertyToad says:

    Thanks. I now know not to ever consider your products, since you seem to support the idea that women need to have their responsibility for birth control taken on by the citizens of this country. Whatever happened to being responsible for your own life?

  28. Salmon Rushderp says:

    I’m not sure if some of the people here commenting are actually able to, or bothering to READ. The above statement says they RESPECT HIS RIGHT TO VOICE HIS OPINION, BUT NOT THE WAY HE CHOSE TO SAY IT. The difference between respecting his right to voice it, and how he says it? It’s the difference between saying ” I don’t agree that contraceptives should be paid for by insurance” or saying “That woman is a slut, she is having so much sex she can’t afford to pay for it and she should make me a sex tape” WHAT???? I don’t even have words for how flawed that logic is, and how inappropriate the word “slut” is in ANY context. But if you don’t get it, you don’t really want to anyway, so I’m wasting my time. DERP.

  29. KJ Fox says:

    We have been long time Vitacost customers. Your competition will now receive our hard earned dollars. So, Bill Maher can call women words that should not come out of anyone’s mouths, but you will pull advertising because Rush is a conservative? Seriously sad decision by Vitacost and I will tell everyone to buy from Swanson. You obviously did not listen to Rush’s show or you would have made a more informed decision that will affect your bottom line for years.

  30. Susan says:

    I will never buy from Vitacost again. By pulling your advertising from Rush, you have just lost a large segement of buyers. I will make sure anyone I know who buys vitamins will be told point blank to go to other companies, IHerb, Purtan Prides some of the better places.

  31. J Weicher says:

    Thank you for NOT advertising on a draft-dodging, drug-addled (oxycontin addiction), vile gasbag’s program. (from a long-time customer)

  32. Denis Meyers says:

    I certainly won’t purchase any vitamins from Vitacost since the company has decided to let politics guide it’s corporate mission.

  33. Mark Oliver says:

    Thank you, Mr. Zucker. I never thought the ersatz “EIB Network” … or its on-screen cigar (which appears in the video feed) … matched up very well with the notions of self-responsibility and healthy living. I have no doubt that you will be able to direct your finite advertising dollars toward a more receptive audience.
    Since revenue comes from customers, it stands to reason that your customers will appreciate seeing those dollars being put to the best available use.

  34. Bene says:

    Hmm. Sadly, I don’t like vitacost as much because you advertised with him in the first place! I always buy things every month. I tell all my friends. I am glad you dropped the advertising with Rush…I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end of my love affair with vitacost… now i have to wonder about this Rush stuff because I dont want to fund Rick Santorum or any GOP campaign by you donating from your profits to various irresponsible groups out there besides Rush’s!

  35. christin says:

    My guess is that the liberal left wing agenda could care less about your company and most of them have probably only learned of you after this Rush situation. Once again…Rush is good for business. I wish your company well and I truly feel sorry that the left is so full of venom and I am truly saddened that this is affecting your business and that these people are so mean spirited.

  36. Brooke says:

    Thankfully I read this evening before I placed an order. I’m sorry that you do not feel the radio audience of Rush’s show is worth your time and money. I’ve been a longtime buyer, but I’m willing to pay more at a company who believes in free speech.

  37. Andrew Ball says:

    I am very disappointed in you Vitacost, I support Rush Limbaugh and will have to think twice before making future purchases from Vitacost.

  38. Judith says:

    Shame on you, Vitacost, for joining the left-wing media in “rushing” to destroy Rush and indirectly other conservative critics of the Obama Administration’s determination to force churches to pay for birth control and abortion.

  39. amy says:

    thank you..I will continue to be a loyal customer ! you made US (Women) proud !

  40. Nikki says:

    I have spent tons of $$ at Vitacost for over 5 years. GOODBYE, VITACOST,it’s back to iHerb. So sick of the manufactured outrage whenever there is one slip by a conservative, while the venom that spews out of the left wing radicals is an everyday occurrence–while never being reported by the pathetic media.

  41. Conservative Mike says:

    The hypocrisy of the left is unbelievable. There is never mention of the outrageous comments of the liberals on the air. But a conservative can’t say “boo” without the liberal media demanding punishment. This attack on a conservative aimed at sponsors is nothing more than another attempt to quash the1st amendment. Free speech only applies if you agree with them. Rush must be held accountable because he is a serious commentator.. Bill Mahr can say anything he wants because it is “humor”. That’s the epitome of hypocrisy. I will stop supporting a company that displays such bias. Goodby Vitacost products.

  42. Shelley Cornell says:

    I’ve been a loyal Vitacost buyer for some time now. I guess I’ll be re-thinking that.
    Did you quit supporting anyone who called the Tea Party, Tea Baggers? Or any of the other horrible names the left and the media call conservatives in general?
    I got a twenty spot that says you’re advertising somewhere that someone has said something that is horribly offensive to conservatives.
    You know what? I would never expect you to withdraw your advertisement from any of them, because I support the right of all Americans to speak their minds.
    Shame on you, Vitacost, for not doing that, too.

  43. Eunice Fisher says:

    I have been a long time customer of Vitacost…but no more.

  44. Patricia Haley says:

    Thanks for doing this. NO way, with all the money I spend at Vitacost, would I continued to have given you my business. You can attack an idea, but not a person. Don’t ever go back to his show. He wasn’t using “humor,” he was using hate and fear.

  45. Eileen says:

    Now that you have made the entirely proper decision to withdraw advertising from that vile show I will continue as a Vitacost customer. Had I realized that in the past my Vitacost purchases were indirectly supporting Rush’s hate speech I would have bought my supplements elsewhere. Still, in the better-late-than-never category, I’m glad you have pulled any and all Limbaugh ads.

  46. CSMVEG says:

    I applaud Vitacost for standing up for decency and respect by removing advertisements from the Mr. Limbaugh’s radio show. Disagreeing with someone’s position on a subject is one thing, but calling them nasty and vulgar names that are disparaging to all women is another. Mr. Limbaugh went over the line on that one. Yes, it is free speech, and yes sponsors should be free to choose where their ads are heard.

  47. MLofton says:

    If you are pulling your advertising from his program, why are not mounting boycotts against every liberal pundit, commentator, celebrity that have made much worse and vile comments about GOP conservative female candidates such as Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman? If it is a matter of principal, then please be consistent.

  48. Barbara says:

    I was one of your customers but I will pay more if I have to elsewhere because you dropped Rush Limbaugh’s show, caving into pressure from people that speak with complete disdain for their opponents. I’m trying to find out who you advertise with. I’ll bet they’ve never said anything you don’t approve of. Right? Heck I’ll bet you never say anything you don’t approve of. Right? I love watching pharisees at work.

  49. Don says:

    What a phenomenally POOR decision by Vitacost!
    By your action, you’ve effectively chosen to support a concerted effort by the left to assail and suppress conservative views in this country. That’s what this really amounts to.
    You claim as your convenient excuse that this was because of a “lack of respect for another human being.” That is utterly unbelievable, considering that so much liberal programming today commonly drips with venom and disrespect. Where are you weighing in on that? You’re not, of course. Why?
    Don’t expect to so brazenly slap your customers like this and have them continue buying from you.

  50. Andy says:

    Thanks for making my decision to never buy from you easy… You cowards… keep pandering to the liberal idiots.

  51. don says:

    Just because someone advertises on tv or radio doesn’t mean that they agree with the content. It’s called marketing people…plain and simple. Vitacost was pursuing customers, not endorsing Rush.

  52. Ken GIbbs says:

    You have the right to advertise where you like – and I have the right to patronize businesses I like. So I will not be purchasing any products from your company any longer.
    It’s ashamed you have such a limited view and live by the huge double standard of the left. Rush’s comments were MILD compared to many that have been made by folks on the left – but they all get a pass.

  53. Doug F says:

    Any company that promotes health should be especially sensitive to supporting people who promote ignorant views of women’s health issues. This is not a matter of caving or cowardice, but a matter of consistency in direction.

  54. Does honesty require fair play or not?
    Most women posting here are cowards. I ask–where were you when the media (inclding the tv networks) slandered Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Laura Ingraham and Conolezza Rice. Oh, they were conservative, and they do not have rights.
    You disgust me.

  55. Eddie says:

    Because Vitacost has thrust itself into the political arena and has assaulted freedom of speech by pulling your advertising funds, I will no longer support your company. I have spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars over the years and will now go to or any of your other competitors and ask all my friends to do the same. I ask you to reconsider. By the way, I had a $200 order ready to go and was still shopping when this hit…glad I didn’t check out!

  56. Don says:

    Where are the comments since March 6? You have made a post since then and you have also not approved new comments here in that same time. Why?
    Do you want those you are censoring to start a Vitacost boycott and begin generating Vitacost boycott websites? It’s all on the way if you maintain your censorship and support of censorship-driven groups.
    Very disillusioned with you!

  57. Terri says:

    As a frequent purchaser of supplements, both through the internet and in local stores, I would like to let you know that I will no longer purchase supplements from Vitacost. Your pulling your sponsorship from Rush Limbaugh’s program is totally wrong. Rush said the wrong thing and has apologized several times for it. Bill Maher and other have said nasty things about women without any retaliation from anyone. Why didn’t you speak out against what he said about Sarah Palin or others? Please realize that you and others are being used to force Obama’s agenda on the American public. Consider the following:
    It’s like she is going to Subway demanding a pizza or McDonalds and demanding steak & potatoes. Georgetown is a Catholic University that does not offer birth control coverage in their insurance policy. That is a known fact upfront. She knew this and chose to go there to push her, or should I say, Obama’s, agenda demanding birth control coverage by all. Since Obama caught flack from the Catholic Church for his demand, he backed down and now has pawns to do his work. I am not Catholic but agree that the University has the right to not offer birth control coverage to their faculty or students. If a student or employee needs birth control coverage, they should attend and/or work for a University that covers it, plain and simple. We’re not entitled to have everything that we want when we want it.

  58. P R Griffith says:


    I know you’re getting a lot of backlash now, but I want to thank you for pulling your radio ads from Limbaugh’s show. I spend over a thousand dollars a year on your products and now I will continue to do so.

    A lot of “liberals” (or just plain sane people and women who don’t like their daughters being called names) buy vitamins.

  59. P R Griffith says:

    I would like to respond to Terri above. Terri, most insurance companies that cover prescriptions include prescriptions for contraceptive pills in that coverage. Personally I believe that if you’re paying premiums, you should get coverage. But I respect your right to disagree with me about that.

    And personally, I don’t listen to Maher, because I don’t like the way he uses misogynist attacks against political figures who happen to be female.

    But Limbaugh didn’t just use a bad word or two. He spent THREE DAYS attacking Sandra Fluke. As you know, he said that because she wanted her insurance (which she was paying for) to pay for her contraceptive prescriptions, that made her a prostitute.

    He also said that she was obsessed with sex; that she must have men lining up outside her bedroom; that she couldn’t have any other worth in life than sex, because she did it so much; and that he was surprised she was able to walk to Capitol Hill and testify because she was having so much sex. He said more over those three days, but he’s removed the transcripts from his web site, so I can’t tell you all of it.

    Then finally that she should post videos of her sex life online for him to “enjoy.”

    That’s a little more than calling Sandra Palin a bad word once or twice. (Which I also feel is inappropriate, by the way.)

    I believe in free speech and I believe anyone is entitled to their opinion. But I do not want one penny of my personal, hard-earned, tax-paid money to go into the pocket of a man who would mount such a disgusting personal attack, over three days, of insults and lies about a woman who has committed no sin greater than saying that she believes that all insurance companies should cover contraception the same way they cover other prescriptions (including, by the way, Viagra, which Rush takes).

  60. Connie says:

    I make it a practice to check the advertising policies of any company with which I do business…glad to know you no longer do business with Rush Limbaugh, so I can do business with Vitacost!

  61. cleterbej says:

    Everyone like this blog! Because it so good!

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