Do you want presents or presence?

More often than not, when people are discussing the holidays, I hear them talking about gifts. Sometimes it’s, “What would you like for Christmas?” or “I wish I could afford more this year.” While it is always nice to receive gifts as well as to give gifts, they are ultimately just things.

I can remember a few Christmas mornings when I was a young girl, I would come out of my bedroom, racing down the hall, and bursting into the family room to see the spread in comparison to other years. My holiday memories also include jealousy of my sisters’ gifts or being upset that I didn’t get the item I wanted most. I’m not sure when that wore off; but what I can tell you is that when I lost the desire to  anticipate the new “stuff” I would have,  I gained the desire to ask people to spend their time with me instead of their money.

Of course, there are tons of “things” that I would enjoy having. A few examples include  a larger wardrobe, more money for diapers, a newer car,  new bed sheets or even an automatic shower cleaner.  The truth about those “things” is that the clothes would become old, the money would be spent, the car would need repairs…you get the idea here. If we spend time together we will still have the money we were stressing about not having for gifts we never really “needed.” The time spent may not include events that we’ll recall years from now, but  being able to enjoy the presence of loved ones will be far more cherished than presents from loved ones.

I challenge you to question your own wants. What are you really asking for this year?


Mom and social media assistant Catherine is grateful for the presence of Huggies diapers at – and even though they don’t sell sheets, she can easily refresh the ones she has with GrabGreen Room & Fabric Refresher.  

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