Eating Low Carb is Easier Than You Think

When someone tells you they’re on a low-carb diet, do you immediately picture them eating massive quantities of bunless burgers and cubed cheddar cheese?

Well, times have changed. Those following a low-carb diet now have many delicious options for breakfast, lunch and dinner – including shakes, bars, salad dressings and so much more.

Find out more about some of the most popular products in our Low-Carb Store – all of which contain 10 carbs or fewer:

Low-carb shakes & protein powders:

  • When you’re following a special diet, it can be hard to find the perfect protein powder. Biochem Sports Whey Protein Isolate fits the bill – it’s gluten free, naturally flavored, and provides 20 grams of protein with only 80 calories and less than 1 gram of carbs per serving.
  • Atkins Advantage Dark Chocolate Royale Shake: With only 2 grams of net carbs and 15 grams of protein per serving, these delicious drinks make the perfect quick breakfast or snack. Reviewers describe them as “really tasty” with a “fabulous dark chocolate flavor.”

Low-carb snacks:

Shop for low-carb foods at

Low-carb bars:

  • These chocolate peanut butter wafer bars are loaded with protein, low in carbs and contain only 105 calories apiece. No wonder our customers say “oh yeah” to OhYeah! Protein Wafers.


What’s your favorite low-carb food or snack? Share with us below!


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4 comments on «Eating Low Carb is Easier Than You Think»

  1. Jorie @vitacost says:

    Power Crunch is divine!! And those Atkins desserts are a really great low-carb treat.

  2. Edna Tate says:

    It’s so good to explore all these options! I also love that there are so many blogs that help people create their own low carb desserts too. The benefits of a low carb diet ( cannot be measured. It makes you feel like a whole new person, especially if you’re exercising at the same time.

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