WIN a Diet and Yoga Starter Kit from!

This year….

…. I will start practicing yoga.

…. I will learn to love healthy foods.

Need a little nudge to accomplish your goals in 2013? Then enter to win a diet & yoga starter kit – all you have to do is leave a comment on this post and tell us about your favorite product at!

This kit includes products to help you master the downward dog and stick to a healthy diet:


You could win it all and be well on your way to a healthy 2013! Just leave a comment below and tell us about your favorite product at Be sure to enter the email address you use most often, so we can contact you if you win.

One entry per person, please. (Comments will be moderated prior to publishing.)

Click here for official contest rules.


Katie is the Content Supervisor (and a loyal customer) at In her spare time, she enjoys biking with her husband, playing with her pets and writing bios about herself.

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About Katie

Katie is the Content Supervisor (and a loyal customer) at In her spare time, she enjoys biking with her husband, playing with her pets and writing bios about herself.

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1,432 comments on «WIN a Diet and Yoga Starter Kit from!»

  1. My favorite product at is the Raspberry Ketones Complete. I really like that it contains both raspberry ketones and green tea extract!

    1. Jaime Long says:

      I absolutely love anything Gaiam but I LOVE the yoga mat! I have had medical issues and can’t wait to begin to get back into shape!

    2. Lisa says:

      I Love Love Love my RawOne vitamins from vitamincode :PP

      1. SANDRA NORRELL says:

        i love the RAWONE supplement- they’re great!

    3. Lisa Pierna says:

      My favorite product from Vitacost is their Vitacost brand probiotic 10-20,200 vegetarian capsules.

      1. Gail Jakubiak says:

        I like the Twinlab B-12 dots

    4. Erin Bisco says:

      Vitacost’s L-Tyrosine. It’s given me my life back! No more cold feet and hands, I wake up rested, I feel less frenzied and it’s easier to lose weight!

    5. Robert Brouhard says:


    6. Angela says:

      Garden of Life coconut oil.

    7. Jamie pinto says:

      So EASY to find/compare products and LEARN health facts here. My personal experience is Vitacost’s Eden canned goods stock is better than in any store.

    8. Hubert says:

      Vitacost coconut oil and almond milk.

    9. Charlotte says:

      It’s gotta be the Reserveage Collagen Booster!

    10. Laura says:

      I would say the coconut oil for sure.

    11. Renee Minton says:

      I love and have been using and sharing with others about Vitacost for years ! Thx for providing quality and variety health products online! My favorite product would have to be…dr.woods Castle soap, tea tree. Great essential oils!

    12. tracee says:


    13. Ok so this is the deal…I really overdid it over the holidays and might have gained a pound or so…your organic shakes are wonderful and I think I need to stick to some healthy choices for a while. Would love to try more of your products.

      1. Catherine says:

        I like the coconot oil,and the almond milk

    14. kelli says:

      I love the Children’s Greens Today – feel like it helps my kids get the nutrients they might be missing in their diets :)

    15. Santiago Pacheco says:

      My favorite product from vitacost is kiss my face shampoo and conditioner

    16. Toshia says:

      My favorite product at is the HCG drops.

    17. Rayling says:

      My favorite product is Vitacost Turmeric Extract Curcumin C3 Complex® with Bioperine® — 1,160 mg per serving – 120 Capsules.

    18. R says:

      I really love coconut oil. It’s not only great on the skin, but it is a wonderful replacement for any type of cooking oil. The Orgain drink is wonderful. I’ve been looking for a healhy type of drink that fills me up and this one is very good!

    19. Z. Morin says:

      I love Bronner’s Liquid soaps from Vitacost and the Gaiam flexible stretch bands for exercising.

    20. Elizabeth Walton says:

      My favorite product at vitacost is braggs organic apple cider vinegar. So many health benefits and vitacost offers it at a great price.

    21. Alisa Korn says:

      My favorite is Dymatize Burn! It gives me energy without the jitters and makes me look great!

    22. Jim says:

      My favorite product from Vitacost is the herbal supplement Moringa Oleifera at a very low price.

    23. kelly says:

      BEAST Creatine is reportedly pretty awesome. No complaints from the fiance peanut gallery when I got these on sale & switched from the normal brand. He likes it!

    24. carol says:

      My favorite Vitacost product is the BBQ Popchips…..sooo much better than potato chips!

    25. nancy q sosa says:

      There are soooo many things I love from vitacost! Dr Woods Pure Peppermint Castille soap is so refreshing and can be used from head to toe.. body, hand, hair even dishes! So mild and natural… simply the best. The vitacost branded supplements are top quality and affordable. Love your site! Makes being healthy possible in this tight economy.

    26. stella says:

      I love Garden of life vitamins. I had been sick for years and a friend reccomended them to me and have been taking them for over two years now and am healthier

    27. Josee says:

      My absolute discovery are enzymes. With them, if I doubt what I eat to be glutinous, I can avoid the symptoms.


    29. Lisa says:

      My favorite VitaCost product is Essential Oxygen – Thanks for having a great selection!

    30. Griselda Mireles says:

      PB2 For SURE!! It is so delicious and helps me keep my calories under control without having to give up peanut butter…what could be better!

    31. Peter says:

      Hard to find Malted Barley Flour at a great price!

    32. Emily N says:

      My favorite product (currently) is the Papaya Disgestive Enzymes. The help with digestion and make your breath taste minty fresh!

    33. Gretchen Smith says:

      I have been ordering the NutriCology Modified Citrus Pectin Powder. It tastes great in smoothies! It is so coincidental that I found this giveaway today, because I just started doing a few yoga stretches last night for the first time in over a year. Wired huh? Thanks for fun site and discounted prices! Vitacost rocks.

    34. Gretchen Smith says:

      My favorite product is your NutriCology Modified Citrus Pectin Powder. I mix it into my smoothies. I just did a few yoga stretches last night because my back was hurting. I haven’t done yoga in over a year. So I thought it was so coincidental to find this blog today. Thank you Vitacost for offering such a fun site and great products.

  2. Liz Stark says:

    My favorite product at is the Promax Chocolate Peanut Crunch bars.

  3. Jenni says:

    I just placed my first vitacost order today full of new goodies so I haven’t picked a favorite yet, but I know I love the Pamelas baking & pancake mix I ordered!

  4. Patty says:

    I have placed many orders with Vitacost and have always been satisfied with their products and service. For so many years I used to go to my local health food store, but their prices can’t even begin to compare to buying online at Vitacost. Thank you Vitacost for making shopping online so convenient, easy, and affordable.

  5. Linda Mahyr says:

    Just placing my first order. Thinking the coconut flour will be a favorite!! Thank you!

  6. Sarena Marvin says:

    I’m on a coconut oil kick right now!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Chebe Bread Mix! I buy it because I’m allergic to wheat, but it’s so yummy it’s a favorite of my daughters too. We make rolls and pizza crust out of it. I can’t buy it locally anymore and the prices are so great on Vitacost that I buy 10 boxes at a time. Thanks for carrying it! :)

  8. Danielle says:

    fav product is the Organic Argan Oil. Let me tell you, this site is the bomb! because it’s literally 5,6 dollars cheaper than my local organic store. (aka whole foods) I love you vitacost!!! mauhhhhhhh!!! <3 <3 <3

  9. Bethany Kohalmi says:

    My favorite product is Vitacost Chlorella Tabs

  10. One of my favorite Vitacost products is Herbatint. A great to color your hair, inexpensive and safer than other dyes!

  11. Kayla Costigliola says:

    I love all the organic snacks and especially the baby products!

  12. Tancy says:

    I LOVE the Chia seeds (Nutiva) and coconut oil! and sooooo much more! :)

  13. Cynthia says:

    I always order Culturelle probiotics from Vitacost. They ship in a timely manner and they’re so well priced!

  14. My favorite Vitacost product is the organic extra virgin coconut oil. It is so good it even smells great. Sometimes I open it just to smell it LOL. It’s great for cooking and in my coffee.

  15. suzy says:

    Nubian Heritage soap – Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver. Best. Soap. Ever.

  16. Carla says:

    The Coconut Oil is the best. Love the flavor on everything. My son will now eat veggies, if I put a touch on coconut oil on top!!

  17. sandra grinberg says:

    I shop at vitacost for every single thing I need, vitamins, detergents, oils… you name it.
    My fav is organic india Turmeric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Katrina says:

    I love the ALMASED!!
    and have just found the CHIA seeds!!


  19. Heather says:

    My favorite product is the Vitacost brand LARGE tub of coconut oil. I can’t find any locally that compares to your price! Thank you!

  20. Kayla Costigliola says:

    I love all the organic snacks and especially the baby products. We love the Seventh Generation laundry spray.

  21. Natasha says:

    Mmmm… my favorite are the Chocolove Bars – so yummy! I would love to win this to try the Garden of Life Super Foods and all the other goodies!! :)

  22. Jill says:

    i have only ordered the jason toothpaste but am on the hunt for a good protein shake!

  23. maryann says:

    My fav is coconut oil….who knew it could taste great and be so good for you.

  24. Kristina says:

    I love the coconut oil!!!!

  25. Holly says:

    Hard to choose a favorite… Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil. Yes, that’s it.

  26. my favorite product is coconut oil :) I also love that I can buy my favorite gluten free products at that I can’t find in stores

  27. Chanelle P says:

    I like their probiotics as since I had to take some antibiotics this winter. Thanks love your website it is usually cheaper than local stores

  28. Rhiana Wackenhuth says:

    I love the Enjoy Life Not Nuts Seed and Fruit mix. I buy it for my son since he has a peanut and tree nut allergy.

  29. Robin says:

    My favorite product at is Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.. (**)

  30. Angie says:

    I love Vitacost’s Vanilla Whey protein complex. It makes great protein shakes and smoothies.

  31. Claud says:

    The organic 2 lb cinnamon and tumeric!

  32. Darla says:

    Carlson’s Very Best Fish Oil- Lemon. Finally, Fish Oil that isn’t hard to swallow!

  33. Tia says:

    Your coconut oil is my favorite product so far.

  34. Cynthia says:

    My favorites are the organic foods.

  35. Jennifer Butler says:

    My favorite Vitacost product is Barlean’s Fortiflax! I sprinkle it on absolutely everything!

  36. Melissa Lucy says:

    My favorite product is the promax chocolate peanut crunch bars.

  37. Lisa Cramp says:

    My favorite Vitacost product is the Vitacost coconut oil!

  38. Kat says:

    My favorite product, hands down is the Garden of Life Perfect Food Greens Superfood! This verdant green powder packed with vitamins and antioxidants is a must for smoothies. My favorite recipe includes frozen mango, fresh ginger, lemon and raw honey with a generous scoop of Garden of Life Greens, pulverized in my Vitamix. So delish, and it pumps me full of energy. Thanks to Vitacost for always having it in stock and for a reasonable price!

  39. Renee says:

    My favorite product is the coconut oil: I can cook with it and last year, I made a sea salt hand scrub with it!

  40. michelle says:

    I love Garden of Life® RAW Green Super Food…I use it every day in my morning smoothie along with Brown Rice Protein and Pea Protein.

  41. my favorite product in Navitas Naturals Organic Cacao Powder! I love Vitacost!!!

  42. Michelle Price says:

    I am crazy about Click…. So amazing. Good amount of protein and tastes great . Even better than coffee in the morning. Vitacost has an amazing price for it and very quick delivery.

  43. Denise says:

    Do I really have to pick just 1 favorite….I have to say Life’s Basics Plant Protein, YUMMY!

  44. Jennifer Woosley says:

    Nature’s Way Alive! Once Daily Women’s Multi-Vitamin Ultra Potency are my favorite product because I like to have all my vitamins everyday to keep me running like finely tuned instrument!

  45. Patricia Hancock says:

    The Vitamins and coconut oil products

  46. Joel says:

    ON micronized creatine! Its definitely reasonably pricing with decent results. Lots of great products from you guys. However, only allowed to name one. )”:

  47. Miki says:

    My favorite product (so far) is Annie Chun’s sesame seaweed snacks!

  48. Heather says:

    I have been satisfied with everything I have purchased from vitacost. PB2 is my favorite at the moment.

  49. Angelina says:

    New Chapter supplements!!

  50. Dana says:

    Vitacost Coconut Oil is my favorite!

  51. krista says:

    I have been trying to get my child care kiddos interested in yoga. It is just so good for you. My favorite porduct at Vitacot is the MSM, for my joints!

  52. Candy says:

    It’s hard to pick a favorite, I’m always finding new things at great prices…but coconut oil is always on my shopping list because we use it for so many things.

  53. Jennifer Bollinger says:

    My favorite product is your Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate! We started giving it to our 5 year old son who has special needs about 3 years ago per his neuro’s advice and his seizures have decreased dramatically!

  54. tara pittman says:

    Garden of Life® RAW Green Super Food

  55. Carolyn says:

    My absolute favorite product from Vitacost is the MaraNatha Natural Almond Butter Crunchy :) Amazingly delicious and affordable.

  56. Tashira says:

    My favorite product from Vitacost would be the Natural Factors Apple Cider Vinegar. It has actually does what it say it will do such as help blood circulation as well as help digestion and cleanse the body of toxins. All of things were much needed to make my body act right, Thank you! I need to buy some more!

  57. neil says:

    Coconut Oil from Vitacost !

  58. Olga says:

    My favorite product from Vitacost is Wisdom Natural Organic Yerba Mate Royale Loose Tea Naturally Sweet. It helps with digestion. A must have every day.

  59. Teri Carlson says:

    One of our favorite things to order from Vitacost is Earth’s Best Cinnamon Oatmeal Crunchin’ Blocks. Our kids love them and they are a much better price at Vitacost than at our local stores!

  60. Erin says:

    I have two favorites….1. bug bands for my little guy 2. B12 to help me keep up with my little guy.

  61. Noel says:

    The Vitacost Brown Rice Protein Powder is one of my favorites. Thanks!

  62. wendy says:

    I can’t pick just one I love all products!!!

  63. monica says:

    I have to pick only one favorite? Hmmm. Beanitos bean chips!

  64. Sue Mohr says:

    I love getting my supply of Almond meal flour for my gluten free baking–best price, great service and quality product!

  65. Sunny says:

    its a hard decision to make, since I am a huge fan of Vitacost and buy all of our family’s supplements and beauty care there!!

    The first that comes to mind is Nature’s Plus Animal Parade® Children’s Chewable Multi-Vitamin. My kids love them, and Vitacost has THE best prices hands down!
    I also love Vitacost Evening Primrose Oil. Quality and price are hand in hand!

  66. Ronna Davis says:

    All ABOUT TIME products!!

  67. Brittanie says:

    Source Naturals orange flavored sublingual melatonin! It’s so hard to find in stores.

  68. I have many favorite Vitacost products, I order regularly.
    I am very drawn to this contest because I really need a yoga mat, I dont even have one!
    I am also very interested in the other products in this package.
    I am resoluting to drinking less coffee and more spirutein! One of my most favorite products from vitacost, and it fits in well with the yoga lifestyle.

  69. Lori says:

    Vitacost Mega EFA, one of my top favs!

  70. cheryl says:

    The COCONUT oil is a great buy!!

  71. Peter says:

    Vitacost Coconut Oil!

  72. Patty says:

    I love so many of them, but I would say the coconut oil!

  73. Jenn says:

    I love the variety of flours offered at Vitacost.

  74. Mariyana Petrova says:

    Nubian Heritage Carrot & Pomegranate Bar Soap!

  75. Robin Scholtz says:

    Vitacost coconut oil is my favorite so far! Love Vitacost! Thanks for this opportunity!

  76. Shelley says:

    I love all of my Vitacost purchases, but if i have to pick 1 would defiantly be vitacost coconut oil. Thank you to Vitacost for making it availiable for people that have no other option to healthy products…

  77. Magda McCann says:

    Most things I buy from Vitacost are very near and dear to my heart. I think my favorite tho is Hyland’s Arnica Montana Tablets. After surviving a renal cancer (with one kidney down) and a stroke my dad needed something other than (nearly toxic) acetaminophen to mitigate his lower back pain. Arnica Montana is an effective alternative and the peace of mind it gives me knowing he’s safer because of it and the whole family is using it. Vitacost price cannot be beat! Thank you!

  78. Michele Bovell says:

    My favoritie Vitacost product is KriaXanthin Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000 mg. I tolerate it so much better than other similar products, and I use it as an important part of my winter defense.

  79. Karen says:

    Coconut Flour and Oil!

  80. Jay Le says:

    I love Vitacost Whey Proteins!

  81. Millie says:

    Super Cranactin is my favorite product on! I just ordered 4 more bottles.

  82. Kristen Spears says:

    Bob’s Red Mill products, Triple Leaf Detox tea, Garden of Life Raw Vanilla Protein, Garden of Life Raw Enzymes for women…I could keep going….

  83. Daniel says:

    Love your synergy line…

  84. Jennifer Gaizutis says:

    Vitacost Turmeric extract! It is the highest quality that I have found for the best price!!!

  85. Kellie says:

    Chia seeds and probiotics

  86. Lauren says:

    I love vitacost coconut oil!

  87. Rashelle says:

    I love the greens plus energy bars!!

  88. Allison S. says:

    The coconut oil–such a great deal!

  89. Ashley Merrick says:

    I absolutely love the coconut oil that a friend bought for me to help my hair grow. I would love to place my own order with vitacost but being on a deployment in the desert for 12 months is not ideal for most items.

  90. Katie says:

    I LOVE Kyo-Green!!! I put it in smoothies every morning. It tastes great and gives me energy! :)

  91. Liz says:

    Love the protein powder

  92. Teresa says:

    My favorite product is the Dr. Bronners liquid lavender soap

  93. Pam says:

    I love the Chia seeds! I add them to almost everything I eat!

  94. Debi Julius says:

    Vitacost once daily vitamins are great but I buy everything from Vitacost. They beat everyone’s prices hands down and have great customer service!

  95. bobbi church says:

    Barlean’s Total Omega 3 6 9 Vegan Pomegranate Blueberry

  96. Jasmin says:

    My favorite product is noni, acai, goji, and mangosteen juice

  97. Cindy Ruddell says:

    I love the Vitacost liquid stevia extract and the Vitacost brand whey protein complex vanilla flavor. I have both on autoship! Best prices anywhere!

  98. Angel Gordon says:

    Hands down, my favorite product is Vitacost’s organic coconut oil. My whole family uses it in so many different ways. I deep condition my hair with it, slather it on as lotion after a shower. We’ve used it in a natural toothpaste and even made our own deodorant with it. It smells and tastes yummy, and the cost is fantastic!

  99. nancy fiorenza says:

    I love Promax Chocolate Peanut Crunch bars.

  100. Johnna says:

    My favorite product is Vitacost brand’s glucomannan!! Thank you and Happy New Year, Vitacost!

  101. Wendy says:

    What I love most at Vitacost is… EVERTHING! My grandma shopped at Vitacost or years. She passed the wisdom on to me, and I’m very greatful that she did.

  102. sharon says:

    I love a ton of products from Vitacost but I’d have to say that about time whey protein powder is my favorite. It’s the cleanest whey protein out there, has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Love it!!!!

  103. Phyl T says:

    My favorite product is Walker replacement shakes. I love the chocolate flaver and it is the best I have ever had.

  104. Elizabeth says:

    organic nutritional shake chocolate fudge, as it keeps me from eating desserts and fills me up with better nutrition than I would get by overeating in my meals.

  105. Thiago Roberto says:

    My favorite product is Whey Gold Standard 100% (Optimum Nutrition), i like this and too Vitacost Whey Protein Complex with Bcaa. Works fine for me.

  106. Lorynn R. says:

    Nature’s All Foods Organic Freeze Dried Raw Pineapple – (or any of the freeze dried fruits) nothing added, great for snacking on the go!!!

  107. Rebekah Simmons says:

    My favorite product is Kids One Daily and Vitacost Vitamin D3

  108. Lisa St John says:

    Vitacost Coconut Oil and Sweet Leaf Stevia products…and Vitacost Magnesium…I could go on and on!

  109. Beryl says:

    So hard to choose. I love the Vitacost brand of Coconut Oil. This is a great giveaway, I’d be happy to share some with my neighbors and friends :)

  110. Sonia Maria says:

    I love Vitacosts Coconut Oil!

  111. Sara Jane says:

    Lifetime liquid calcium (bubble gum)

  112. cindy b says:

    i love the promax bars!!

  113. dillon fishback says:

    I love the fish oil

  114. kimmie says:

    My favorite product is the Hyland’s Arnica Montana…but I love and buy all the Hyland’s products from Vitacost.

  115. Dawn Dillon says:

    Its kind of hard to narrow it down to one. however I always order the yogi Mayan Coco Spice tea from Vitacost! Never once did my order not conatin that tea! Its hard to find in local stores but you guys always have it!

  116. Eliana says:

    Vitacost coconut oil, flour, and Green Tea Extract and fish oil, and I also love the extremely reasonable prices :)

  117. Sandra Parrish says:

    I love the large selection of organic & vegan items that Vitacost offers. My favorite item is the Vitacost Organic Coconut Oil.

  118. Troy says:

    My favorite product at is the Desert Essence Facial Pads.

  119. Liz says:

    My fav product at would be Vitacost Liquid Chlorophyll, the best one I’ve tried so far, and also the cheapest!

  120. Andrea says:

    A tie between the coconut oil, whey protien, and Dr. Bronner’s liquid. We use them all daily!

  121. Justine C says:

    Love the Vitacost Vitex!

    1. Joan C says:

      I love the the coconut oil and all of the Vitacost supplements that I use.

  122. tina page says:

    i like to buy food like tahini at vitacost

  123. Wendy Knott says:

    Vitacost is my favorite place for so many things, vitamins, protein shakes, and organic jerkey!

  124. Jessica says:

    Can’t beat your large tub of coconut oil! I use that in everything and even on my body :) Also love the Navita Naturals line.

  125. Dawn W. says:

    Coconut oil!!

  126. Stacey says:

    Too many to choose from – Mauk Wheat Free Crusts and Branched Chain Amino Acids for sure!

  127. Cherish Mcdaniel says:

    Vitacost coconut oil! I use it for EVERYTHING! :)

  128. Raechelle says:

    Definitely the coconut oil!

  129. Renee Bress says:

    Love the Spectrum Refined Coconut Oil!

  130. Art L says:

    Great book. The Warrior Diet by Ori Hofmekler

  131. Nicole says:

    I love the GU energy gels you sell!

  132. Kat says:

    Favorite? Just one? I have too many favorites to pick just one!!

  133. Vashti says:

    Quest protein bars!!

  134. Mary Anna says:

    My favorite VitaCost product is VitaCost Milk Thistle with Siliphos 300 mg

  135. Steve Matthews says:

    I love the Vitacost brand Glutamine powder, 15-35 probiotics, vitacost brand synergy once daily multi-vitamin, and the vitacost brand hyaluronic acid.

  136. My favorite product is Dr. Woods Shea Butter Black Soap (2nd Favorite: Beanitos!).

  137. Lindsey says:

    I use the coconut oil for EVERYTHING!!! Seems like I’m not the only one!!

  138. Cici B says:

    My favorite vitacost product is Vitacost N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) to keep sickness away

  139. Lori says:

    My favorite product is the coconut oil. Use it for cooking, baking, in my coffee and make a whipped coconut body lotion with it. Love it!

  140. saskia says:

    I love the raw almond butter!

  141. Rachel Ketterman says:

    PB2…if I HAVE to pick only one :)

  142. Paige says:

    My absolute fave of faves is the Annie Chun Roasted Seaweed Snack. I love the sesame but the wasabi is delish also…..yum!!

  143. mona says:

    i love Natural Sources Elderberry Concentrate – it keeps my immune system strong.


    I love the Parsley Kitchen Spray

  145. megan says:

    walkers diet shakes, kiss my face lotions, desert essence mouthwash, tea tree therapy cinnamon toothpicks, alvera deodorant, just to name a few. love vitacost!!

  146. VItacost has great prices, product choice and service.

  147. pat s says:

    never ordered before, need to try the coconut oil and raspberry ketones based on the comments!

  148. Anthony Spera says:

    Vitacost is great to do your shopping

  149. Brenna says:

    My favorite product is Oil of Oregano. I’ve been taking one tab a day for over 2 years, and I haven’t been sick once!

  150. Ernie Clark says:

    Cholesta-Lo, Walden Farms Products (Dressings, Jams)

  151. Olga says:

    Royal Jelly and Bee pollen. Great company! Thanks again :)

  152. joanne smith says:

    My favorite product from is the Finest Fish Oil. I also like the coconut oil (both are Vita Cost brand). But I like so many more too. Thank you.

  153. Jingle says:

    I like the baking mixes best!

  154. Annie says:

    I love love the Dr. Bronner’s Coconut Oil, it’s super luxurious, and i use it every day as lotion, it gives my skin everything it needs without the additives and chemicals.

  155. Charla says:

    Navitas Naturals Raw Maca Powder. I love to add it to my morning smoothie to get me through the day!!

  156. Zuyin says:

    The Orgain Cafe Mocha Protein Shake! Love, love, love.

  157. Amy Woodward says:

    My newest favorite product is Vitacost Astaxanthin Super Formula. The fact that Vitacost brand has Astaxanthin in something other than a soft gel or gelatin cap makes me a happy girl :)

  158. Candace says:

    The Fish Oil

  159. Kelly says:

    Love the protein powder great prices too !!!

  160. Alicia Webster says:

    My favorite Vitacost product is the Alba Organicsâ„¢ Hawaiian Body Oil Kukui Nut in the 8.5 fl oz.

  161. Robert Shelly says:

    All One Rice Base Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Powder Once Daily Supplement, unflavored

  162. Michael says:

    Vistacost Coconut Oil and Vistacost ZMA Ultra

  163. Sandi says:

    Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil, Vitacost has the best price, and it’s a great facial moisturizer!

  164. Sarah B. says:

    My fave Vitacost products are Dr. Tungs snap-on toothbrush sanitizers, as well as Burt’s Bees Bees Wax Moisturizing Night Cream. Cant live without ’em!

  165. mindy Theroux says:

    I love Jarrow Curcumin capsules.

  166. Cheryl W says:

    I like the coconut oil

  167. Pat says:

    This produce will always do the right thing to and for you. Please try the Organic Nutritional Shake. It works!

  168. Suzanna Gonzalez says:

    My favorite product is the coconut oil, is pure unrefined coconut oil I can feel confident that I’m getting the best, fresh products by shopping on I use the coconut oil to bake, as a hair treatment and to moisturize my cuticles really the best product for natural health and beauty inside and out.

  169. Karlee Shively says:

    I love all the gluten free products this website makes it affordable to purchase the items I need! Thanks!

  170. Jennifer says:

    I love the coconut oil. I cook with it, use it as a moisturizer for skin and I even slather it in my hair as a conditioner mask. Its the best stuff ever!

  171. Jeff Resnick says:

    Hi, I love the coconut oil but have not had the oppurtunity to try anything else.The kit would be a great starter for the new year for my wife and I…TY :)

  172. Felicity says:

    My favorite product you sell is GREEN Super Food! (My favorite thing found at your website are the DEALS)

  173. Angela says:

    I like the shoyu and CA olive ranch olive oil and anything from Eden Foods. Essentially, your entire food category.

  174. Sue says:

    Hard to pick just one. The Garden of Life® RAW Iron capsules are awesome.

  175. Katy S says:

    I love anything by Jason. Their products are fantastic!

  176. Amy says:

    I love Beauty Without Cruelty shampoo, and Vitacost is the best place to get it. I just ordered five bottles.

  177. Noel M says:

    I love your coconut oil! I use it for everything from in the kitchen to diaper rash. That stuff is great.

  178. Angel says:

    Vitacost coconut oil rocks!

  179. Justine says:

    Any of your multi-vitamins 😀

  180. Charissa says:

    Vitacost Coconut Oil sounds amazing. I use coconut oil in everything!

  181. Paula Hicks says:

    Native Forest unsweetened coconut milk

  182. Carie says:

    Thorne Research Basic B complex! I’ve been ordering from Vitacost for more than 5 years now. Yesterday, I found a new product to try from the web. When I checked with Vitacost, I was happy to find that you carry Thorne Research Basic B complex, too! We buy kiss my face soaps, crown & glory shampoo, organic Frontier spices, Vita cost glucosamine & HA and so much more! Love your variety, low prices, fast, accurate service & delivery! I <3 Vita cost!

  183. Carie says:

    Thorne Research Basic B complex! I\’ve been ordering from Vitacost for more than 5 years now. Yesterday, I found a new product to try from the web. When I checked with Vitacost, I was happy to find that you carry Thorne Research Basic B complex, too! We buy kiss my face soaps, crown & glory shampoo, organic Frontier spices, Vita cost glucosamine & HA and so much more! Love your variety, low prices, fast, accurate service & delivery! I <3 Vita cost!

  184. Debbie E. says:

    I like the Vitacost brand sublingual B-12 since it’s cherry flavored and actually dissolves well unlike others I’ve tried.

  185. Jennifer M says:

    I love the variety of Kind Bars (better than my stores!)

  186. Felicia says:

    Deva Vegan Omega 3 DHA-EPA vcaps. Fishy smelling but such a great product!

  187. Diane Horowitz says:

    My absolute favorite product I purchase from Vitacost is Green Vibrance green powder. I use this in my fruit smoothie every single day. There is so much goodness in this formula, it somehow kept me from gaining my usual “holiday” weight and it’s not even a weight loss product! But it nourished my body and made my metabolism so efficient, I just felt great!

  188. christine says:

    coconut oil

  189. katherine d says:

    sunwarrior protein powder warrior blend

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  190. Cathy says:

    My dogs and I love coconut oil….every day!

  191. Traci says:

    Gluten free pretzels

  192. Rochelle S. says:

    Natural Vitality Kids Calm Multivitamin…best vitamin out there for my two toddler boys!

  193. Cindy says:

    This is by far the best sweepstakes kit I’ve seen, I am so excited! I am looking to expand my yoga practice this year and desperately need a new mat (my cats clawed my old Danskin one to death). However, I am a big proponent of Ori and love his high quality products, especially the grass fed whey. His book would be a wonderful read as well as gift to my sister to help educate her on the hormonal impact of diet and lifestyle choices. I think the book would be my pick. My last caveat is that I am a fan of Beyond Organic. Not only do I love, use, and promote their products, but I also think Jordan Rubin truly is on a great mission. His greens powders are amazing, so thank you to whomever put this kit together! I love it! More power to whomever wins it, what a blessing!

  194. Karissa says:

    My favorite is Traditional Medicinals Organic Ginger Aid. It’s a quick and tasty way to warm up and I look forward to a cup after every meal.

  195. Heather Youngblood says:

    I love the Ayurvedic soaps. I use Chandrika the most.

  196. LAURA says:

    My favorite product is Acure cocoa butter + coq10 ultra-hydrating body lotion. It is gluten-free and fabulous.

  197. Kristine says:

    Vitacost helps me achieve my health and fitness goals by providing all my needs in one convenient place. My favorite product so far is the Vitacost Raspberry Ketones…best tasting burps ever! Lol!

  198. Stephanie says:

    I love the protein cinnamon pretzel sticks and my kids love them even more!

  199. Miranda Mora says:

    i like Garden of Life Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

  200. Danielle says:

    I love your cafe mocha nutritional shakes! They’re so great for breakfast in the go and taste amazing.

  201. Carolyn says:

    Love my Vitacost coconut oil!!

  202. Mick says:

    Deva Vegan Hair, Nail and Skin vitamins rock!! And are affordable!

  203. Kristen says:

    Vitacost Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

  204. Karen G says:

    Natural Chemistry De Flea Pet and Bedding Spray is my favorite product. I foster for a rescue group and keeping them flea free safely is always a concern. This product does the trick!

  205. Patricia Lemons says:

    I love all the products but my favorite is the Atkins Advantage Bars, Cashew Trail Mix
    The price is awesome at vitacost!

  206. Mia says:

    I have alot of products I like on Vitacost! But if I have to pick one, then it’ll have to be the Sibu Sea Buckthorn Oil. It’s really works for my acne. I’m almost 50 and still occasionally break out. Ever since using this product, my complexion has cleared up! Thank you Vitacost for having great products and at a reasonably priced too!

  207. Tammy C. says:

    love Love LOVE your extra large 54-oz extra virgin organic coconut oil! I use it for cooking, for my hair, for my face, and for my body. It’s absolutely perfect in product quality and size. THANK YOU!

  208. My fav product is the Amazing Grass greens drinks–chocolate!

  209. Love all your products Rasberry keytones, coconut oil and the bars..

  210. dawn biar says:

    O.N.E. coconut water is the best

  211. Brian says:

    Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

  212. Sheryl O'Rourke says:

    Tonalin, ultra vitamin B, L-theanine

  213. Robert says:

    BSN Syntha-6 5lbs cookies and creame

  214. susan says:

    We buy so much from Vitacost. Some of our favorites are the Udo’s Choice Probiotics, Vitacost Brand Advance C and Vitamin D. Great customer service, always!

  215. Rachel H says:

    Vitacost Coconut Oil is the best

  216. Scott Hulbert says:

    Vitacost CLA-1500

  217. Kerri Connor says:

    I use a lot of products but my favorites are the corn free cat foods. After learning that my cat had diabetes, I did research and discovered that corn in cat food actually causes diabetes, and the “prescription” cat food for diabetic cats — CONTAINS CORN! Vitacost offers a huge assortment of canned and dry cat foods that are corn free. They have helped us save money on these products and our vet bill as we have been able to lower the amount of insulin our boy takes by changing his diet. All of our cats are healthier now and have lost weight with their new found foods that we get from Vitacost!

  218. Jan says:

    It’s difficult to choose just one favorite. I love all the great products and reasonable prices.

  219. Mary says:

    I can’t do without Pure Essence Labs Ionic Fizz Magnesium

  220. Heather says:

    Love my Udo’s oil…. And Vitacost has the best price around !

  221. Bonnie says:

    My supplement shelf is FULL of Vitacost products, but my daily essential would have to be Vitacost’s Flax Seed Oil Caplets.

  222. Erin Cinense says:

    i love the tea selection…you guys rock, really. and when the free shipping comes i have smiles all around :)

  223. christine says:

    All Dr Bronners!

  224. Lucas says:

    My favorite product is Opti-men!

  225. Anna Madrona says:

    My favorite product is the Vitacost house brand of Sam-E, the 400 mg. version. Good price point and great efficacy.

  226. judit says:

    LOVE yoga and Vitacost brand coconut oil!

  227. Don says:

    I love all Vitacost personal care products

  228. Monica Wasemiller says:

    I love the coconut oil and BSN Syntha6 protein powders

  229. Tiana Hatthorn says:

    I buy all my supplements through Vitacost. My daughter takes the Nordic Naturals Omega 3s. It’s the only one she will take. So glad to have found Vitacost! I could really use this gift pack!!!

  230. Dan says:

    I love the Coconut Oil from Vitacost. We add it to so many meals per week. Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner :)

  231. Caryn says:

    vitacost coconut oil!!! I use it for everything!

  232. Kerry K says:

    My favortite is the Vitamin D3 10,000 IU’s.

  233. I’ve never tried these products, or even heard of them! I would very much like to try them, especially the Chia seeds which sound yummy!

  234. Charity says:

    I will be honest here I have not tried any Vitacost products yet. I have just started getting back into a healthier life style and see that Vitacost has a lot of healthy natural foods, vitamins, and other products to help along the way. I look forward to not only try but seeing results from my hard work and the assistance of Vitacost!

  235. Shannon Hamner says:

    I love the coconut oil and Kind bars!!! Love!

  236. Becky says:

    I love the Pharma Gaba for a relaxing slumber all you insomniacs!

  237. Lauren S says:

    My favorite product is the Garden of Life RAW Organic Protein.
    It is my go to protein powder! I love that it is organic, natural, and has digestive
    enzymes/probiotics. I am a very active person who lifts weights and runs. However,
    I would love to win because my New Year resolution is to do yoga daily. I don\’t have
    a yoga mat yet, and that would make yoga a lot nicer than sliding on the bare floor.

  238. Josh M. says:

    My favorite product at Vitacost is the Vitacost Calcium Citrate/mag/VitD combo as it’s a rare find, effective, and a great price. So many other great deals, too though. Thanks!

  239. Robert C says:


  240. shawty says:

    my favorite vitacost product is san-j tamari sauce.

  241. My favorite product of Vitacost are all of their products that I use! Their Ginger capsules As and COQ10 are among my usual orders; I love the shopping experience where I can search fur what I need & eliminate certain products based on my individual needs. Thank you, Vitacost!

  242. Cathy says:

    Carb Intercept and Solaray Rhodiola!

  243. Josh Meyer says:

    Natural Calm has made such a huge difference in how I feel. Highly recommend, since pretty much everyone is magnesium deficient! Link:

  244. Sharon L says:

    Greenies for my pooch!

  245. Sharon L. says:

    I have been purchasing from Vita-Cost for years, Set and Save Sam-E…best prices ever!

  246. FAITH says:

    kinds bar, st johns wart, valerian, coq10…way too many favorites to list!

  247. Lenka says:

    Raw Meal by Garden of Life is my favorite product. But I shop for almost everything on your site! :)

  248. Nikki jackson says:

    My fav product is the garden of life green superfood, its so awesome and a must have in my house!

  249. Zaire says:

    Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate!

  250. Nicole Strean says:

    I try and order from Vitacost when I run out of my favorite products. Black soap, and brands from Kiss My Face and Alba. I recommend this website for anyone who would like to save and be satisfied with their order.

  251. Hailey says:

    Coconut oil! I love it, use it for everything :)

  252. Pam says:

    Best prices on MusclePharm products!!!

  253. Shannon says:

    I have enjoyed the homeopathic remedies available on vitacost. I use a lot of them but the one I probably use the most would be pulsatilla.

  254. Michelle Gregory says:

    I would like to try the Hydroxycut hardcore.

  255. Christina says:

    Navitas naturals goji berries-love them in my cereals, salads, trail mixes, etc.

  256. Neha says:

    The extra virgin coconut oil

  257. Carla A says:

    I love to mant products to pick just one. I love the great prices and the free shipping for spending over 50 dollars.:-)

  258. Jason says:

    My favorite VitaCost product is their Raw Foods Chocolate/Coconut Food Bars…. followed by their Cytosport Whey Protein Powders (Vanilla Bean, and Strawberry/Banana). 😉 Been buying products from them for almost 2 years now…. great stuff!

  259. Tina says:

    I just love this website.

  260. Frnkeeee says:

    Every winter folks get the flu and colds. Mine are small or nonexistent because I use Source Naturals Wellness Formula when I feel I am brewing up a bug. Where is my FREE Yoga mat! LOL

  261. sara says:

    So many great products… . Dymatize Elite choc peanut protein powder, Atkins coconut bars, Quest protein bars….

  262. Robin says:

    My favorite product is the vitamin D drops – 2000IU/drop

  263. Deb says:

    I love your coconut oil for all my cooking needs! Vita Cost is the best!

  264. Margaret says:

    I love Vitacost Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

  265. mandy says:

    I love the wholemega products

  266. Lauren says:

    My favorite product is the vitacost whey protein with BCAA’s…chocolate flavor!!! yummmmmm :)

  267. Alexis Vega says:

    My favorite is the twinlab cod liver oil liquid…easy to get a shot down the kids!

  268. Jayne says:

    I like the Zukes and other natural dog treats !

  269. Carolina Haya says:

    I love anything that brings me more health!

  270. My favorite product is the Vitacost organic extra virgin coconut oil 54oz. It is high quality and at an unbeatable price.

  271. Dawn King says:

    I have used the supplements like Omega 3 fish oil caps and vitamins. so convenient for me to be able to shop online.

  272. Amanda Miller says:

    I love the coconut oil! I use it every single day!!!

  273. Trish says:

    I have to pick just one? lol…Sun Warrior protein powder, Bob’s Red Mill, Dr. Kirk’s castille soaps…sorry just couldn’t pick just one!!!

  274. Erin Kline says:

    Chia seeds!

  275. Charity says:

    Coconut oil…use it for everything

  276. Emily says:

    I have so many faves, to name a few: Avalon organics vitamin c face cream, kind dark dark Chocolate and cherry protein bars, aloha bay chakra healing candle, alba botanica coconut body oil, and dr Bronners peppermint Castile soap!!

  277. Karen says:

    Bob’s Red Mill Wheat Bran

  278. ashley greenwell says:

    My favorite is the alive! Multi vitamin.

  279. Carol B says:

    The Vitacost Plant Protein powder with Chia seeds is my favorite.

  280. Brette says:

    Vitacost plant protein is one of our staples. Also, the ecover dishwasher tabs are awesome and the price is unbeatable!

  281. Jessica Cousins-Hughes says:

    Multi Vitamins and Omega 3! Everything I buy, your prices are great!

  282. Katie B says:

    Love the Kiss My Face Shampoo line and cleansers.

  283. Brenda says:

    Elderberry items

  284. Erica says:

    Your coconut oil for sure! I have ordered many different types of supplements also and have felt they have all been wonderful!

  285. Emily says:

    I have so many favorites, some of which include: alba botanica coconut body oil, avalon organics vitamin C face cream, KIND dark cherry chocolate protein bars, aloha bay chakra healing candle, and mrs meyers lavender room spray!

  286. Janet Mcnally says:

    I love so many products. Jason’s aloe is great for burns and my dry winter skin.

  287. Karen S. says:

    I love all the organic skin care and body products… And LOVE the discounted prices!

  288. vicki says:

    my favorite is the irwins natural green tea extract. it really works.

  289. Shari says:

    The Carlson’s finest Fish oil, it helps in many ways. With inflammation for my disc injury in; my back, with lowering my cholesterol and helping improve moods!!! Love it!!!

  290. Tara says:

    I LOVE all your products! My favorite is the organic coconut oil!!!!!

  291. Hank Mccoy says:

    I like chia seeds

  292. Kristin says:

    I use the pine bark extract and love it!

  293. kim says:

    I am totally loving the Honey Stinger Waffles! They are so yummy, and the price was amazing!

  294. karen says:

    I love the price on Devitta skin care products.

  295. jessica williams says:

    My favorite are the gluten free products like KIND bars and Bob’s Red Mill.

  296. krishna says:

    I love all the supplement products, but have to say that triphala and DHEA have come to be my favs!

  297. Kerry says:

    We love to purchase our beauty products from Vitacost. Great prices and safe products.

  298. Pamela says:

    I am so excited I can purchase Bio-K on vitacost (and the dairy free kind, my favorite!).
    I moved from a major city to a small town and I cannot find it locally. Bio-K seems to really work straightening out my digestion, and it tastes great.
    Happy health to all!

  299. angela says:

    I love the price on all products and re-order magneseum and fish oil regularly.

  300. suzanne says:

    Wedderspoon organic manuka honey

  301. Brittany says:

    Vitacost Coconut Oil would have to be my favorite product. Here’s to a healthy and Happy New Year!

  302. Melissa Zimmerman says:

    PetGuard Canned Cat Food Premium Feast Dinner — 13.2 oz

  303. Jessica says:

    Coconut oil!

  304. Margo Chamney says:

    I like the Raspberry Ketones

  305. Breeanna Menendez says:

    Favorite items are a toss up between your selection of teas and your selection of peanut butters! Though I think chai tea might be winning slightly!

  306. Cari says:

    Garden of Life mix. Yummy in my smoothies!!

  307. Debbie kitterman says:

    I’m not sure if this is supposed to be food..or just a product, but we’ve used nothing in our house at each shower and sink for years but Jason Lavender body/ hand wash. It really did help get my daughters eczema under control!!!!

  308. Aimee B. says:

    One of my favorite products at Vitacost is the Watkins lemon body lotion. It smells like lemon creme cookies! :)

  309. Johna says:

    I love Orjene Organics face wash, Heritage Rose Water, Desert Essence coconut shampoo & tons of other products!

  310. crystal says:

    My favorite product at Vitacost, although it’s difficult to choose just one, is Almased. Keeps me healthy and fit, tastes great and Vitacost offers it at an extremely reasonable price!

  311. Eva Watler says:

    I am my brothers bone marrow donor and caregiver. So its important that i take care of myself. The raw super green food is my favorite

  312. Deborah says:

    My Greeen Vibrance by Vibrant Health is a must-have!

  313. Katie F says:

    I love all Vitacost items, especially the wide variety of vegan, paleo, etc. Fits my needs no matter what nutritional path I follow :)
    I especially love Floradix iron supplement. It is soooo expensive at WF and the only iron my stomach can handle. Thank you for all you have and do!

  314. I love the ALO drinks, all flavors. The little bits of Aloe in each bottle just seems to hydrate you with great flavor and a feeling of “cool.” I do as much organic as I can find around where I live, and travel to the City (2 hours away) as often as I have time to pick things up at the Whole Foods, but I rely on VitaCost as the constant in my life — always there, never let me down!

  315. Janice Milliken says:

    Love the Garden of Life RAW Greens Superfood. Gives me plenty of energy to “take on the world”!

  316. Hee Soon says:

    too many to pick a favorite~ my favorite items are everything from mychell and Garden of Life Perfect Food® RAW Organic Green Super Food Chocolate Cocao

  317. Ricki Puleo says:

    I love the Synergy basic multvitamin,they have everything in them !.. I teach nutritional classes at a health food store but…I buy all mine from vitacost!! please start selling virgin red palm oil.

  318. sue moschino says:

    Luv yoga and coconut oik

  319. Tracie says:

    I can’t pick a favorite, I buy such a variety from Vitacost. I love the Vitacost brand for vitamins like my vitamin D. I like your price on items like Dessert Essence face wash. I usually buy my essential oils from Vitacost, as well.

  320. Natasha says:

    I would live to win this and be in a journey to better health. I order every month and love everything I get garlic, kids vitas, Etc.

  321. Sylvia says:

    Hard to pick a favorite from Vitacost because I love everything I have purchased and love trying new products. Right know I appreciate the choices Vitacost provides in all things healthy for a great cost. Non-fluoride toothpaste in different brands is what I am trying now.

  322. Lacey says:

    The Tazo Organic Gree Tea is so uplifting and Vitacost delivers directly to my front door. It’s my fave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  323. Diane Franchek says:

    Kind bars- the perfect snack!

  324. Dani says:

    I’m obsessed with grapefruit seed extract. Use it for everything. Such a versatile product and a great price on Vitacost!

  325. Laura says:

    The YS Organic Raw Honey – I buy as many as I’m able, and use it in every bread recipe I make!

  326. Anita says:

    Anything Burt’s Bees at the best prices!!

  327. Dorie says:

    I love the Vitacost Coconut Oil, it’s Extra Virgin and the 54 oz. price was excellent. I use it for cooking, baking, as a lotion, and it works great for oil-pulling (and if you’ve never heard of that look it up!)

  328. Merle says:

    If really like to say your entire inventory but I adore Navitas Naturals Powders – if I had to pick one, I’d choose the Maca Powder!!!!

  329. Suzette says:

    My favorite products from Vitacost is, oh this is hard…I’d say..coconut oil! Wait…Olive Leaf….oh wait, Magnesium,…..nope..coconut oil it is.

  330. There are so many Vitacost products I love it’s difficult to chose. My very favorite is the raw unprocessed honey. I could scarf it by the jar 😀

  331. Wanda McDonald says:

    I like the sublingual B-12! It is healthier and works better than caffeine!

  332. Maggie Koulianos says:

    I believe in the abundance of the universe. I see yellow.

  333. Courtney says:

    I think it’s hard to narrow it down to just one…there are so many items that I can’t find anywhere else…

    This months order included Kukui nut oil, Alba body sugar, and lots of food stuffs.

  334. Barbara says:

    Gotta be the Coconut Oil!!!!!!!!!!

  335. Susan A says:

    My favorite is Kiss My Face patchouli bubble bath, I never have enough of it

  336. maggie says:

    The 15-35 probiotic is my favorite

  337. Marilyn Wons says:

    My favorite product is the Coconut Oil!

  338. Denise says:

    I’ve never tried their products so I don’t have a favorite

  339. Peace says:

    I LOOOOOVE Vitacost Coconut Oil!!!!!

  340. Shelley Frontiero says:

    my favorite product is the Vistacost Coconut Oil ! love the sweepstakes prize.

    Thank you

  341. Jackee says:

    I love your Vitacost Rhodiola Rosea.

  342. Teresa says:

    I love your children’s vitamins. My family is vegan and so the pediatrician insists on vitamin d supplements. You are less expensive for those great vegan products.

  343. Janessa says:

    My favorite product from Vitacost is the Spirutein Whey Protein powder in plain…. mixes great and an easy way to get extra protein in my child’s diet! I even add it to all my baking recipes to add a little extra nutritional ‘oomph’!

  344. Cory says:

    My favorite product is the Aura Cacia room diffusers… natural, great for my wife’s asthma and long lasting!

  345. Raya McMann says:

    Coconut oil of course! =)

  346. ShelFish says:

    I love the Aura Cacia Organic Cocoa Butter which I use to make some awesome homemade lipbalm and body lotions. I buy so many products here because their service has been so excellent as well as the prices! Thanks Vitacost!

  347. Ginger says:

    I love every product I get from Vitacost, but my favorite is their Vitamin E oil. It’s great for so many things, and it’s really inexpensive!

  348. Janice says:

    More favorites than I can mention the best being the prices. Progesta Care has been a lifesaver and very affordable and safe.

  349. Mary Quayle says:

    YS Honeys

  350. Lisa Warmoth says:

    There are sooooooooooooooooo many to choose from it is very difficult to just pick one……but my favorite is the Nutricology Pancreas Enzymes. I chose this one because this is a supplement I have to take in order to eat. No one can beat the price of Vitacost on this supplement. I get the real Nutricology product for a great price, from a great company that has great customer service, with great shipping time, and I always purchase at least $49 in merchandise to get free shipping too! Who could ask for more! Vitacost has it all!!! Thank you Vitacost!!!!! :0)

  351. Dorothy Couch says:

    Vitacost Extra Virgin Certified Organic Coconut Oil — 54 fl oz = Fav product!

  352. K. Parker says:

    My favorite product is kiss my face calendula lotion. It is so rich that it can tackle the most dry skin! And it smells so good. Best of all- it’s paraben, mineral oil, and petroleum product free!!! I love not having to worry about toxins!

  353. kim says:

    I love #vitacost coconut oil!

  354. Jessica says:

    How do i love vitacost, let me count the ways…oh wait, just one?…hmmmm. I love the rainbow organic baby shampoo!

  355. Jennifer Peterson says:

    Love the South of France soaps!

  356. Wendy says:

    My favorite product is the Vitacost 15-35 probiotic!

  357. Lindsay says:

    My favorite item is the click protien powder

  358. Sundae says:

    My Fav is the ground Flaxseed! Easy addition to meals for added benefits!

  359. jennifer says:

    I order regularly at Vitacost for all my vitamins supplements etc. Magnesium glycinate vitacost brand is my top fav. One of many favorites is Dr. WOODS Black Soap. I Love it!!!

  360. Tarra says:

    My favorite Vitacost product is the Hair, Nails and Skin formula supplement. I have experienced noticeable improvement in all 3 areas.

  361. Becky says:

    My fav product is Bee Pollen granules!!!

  362. love the Garden of life products, the coconut oil and perfect food berry!

  363. Debi says:

    The coconut oil is my favorite.

  364. kera J says:

    I love all Jason products! Wish I had stock in that company

  365. jan b says:

    I buy all my vitamins, Berts Bees,crackers, chia seeds, at Vitacost. My favorite is Dual Tabs from Twinlab

  366. Jennifer says:

    My favorite product is the Garden of Life RAW Prenatal vitamins.

  367. Lisa says:

    Garden of Life Raw Green!!

  368. Michelle Dobson says:

    coconut oil

  369. Talik says:

    coconut oil! Can’t get enough!

  370. Denise G says:

    Vitacost Phosphytidal Choline is my favorite product.

  371. Marlo S. says:

    We have so many products we count on Vitacost to provide, but our favorite is probably your brand of Vitamin D drops (2000 iu). Not much opportunity for natural vitamin D production during these cold winter months, so we rely on the drops daily to keep our levels up to par!

  372. Dory Gorell says:

    I love all the products! I can get so much more for my dollar. Budgets are tight but I don’t have to sacrifice or cut back on the supplements I need to be healthy! My favorite is the PB2 especially in protein shakes! YUM YUM! Thank You vitacost!

  373. Mary E says:

    Arnica tablets! So many great uses for them!

  374. debbie binder says:

    My favorite products are all the buy one/get one half price! It’s really helps with my budget. Thank you

  375. Carol Armstrong says:

    Coconut oil, vitamins, and though it isn’t something I use any more, I loved the mother’s milk tea I purchased from vitacost when I was still nursing my son

  376. Sherri Lyness says:

    I have several favorite products. Light Mountain Color the Grey Hair Color, Probiotic 15-35, Mega Spectrum Enzymes, Spirulina Tablets and Powder and Hemp Protein starts my list. Thank for keeping me stocked up.

  377. Rebecca says:

    I LOVE buying Yogi Tea from because of the huge selection and the best prices around!

  378. cris says:

    i love the China Green Dieters Tea Caffeine Free

  379. Eydie Quillin says:

    It’s hard to pick my favorite as I use SO many products from Vitacost. I guess right now my favorite would be the SunWarrior Protein.

  380. Vera says:

    My favorite product is Dr Wood’s castille soap

  381. Kylie C says:

    Just ordered a ton of vitamins. Can’t bet the cost and they definitely make a difference! My favorite would have to be dhea and 5-htp. Helps me with my anxiety!

  382. Jennifer Midock says:

    I love vitacost. We order all our vitamins from here.

  383. Kristie H. says:

    I love love love the reviva-labs-oxygen-mask. When I use it my face feels so alive, soft and glowing. It is truely a luxurious product at an affordable price.

  384. Rebecca Hine says:

    I have to pick one!! Oh wow is that even possible!! In that case I would have to say the Coconut oil! It’s fantastic!

  385. Tracy Givens says:

    I love Vitacosts coconut oil products and the CoQ12 supplments. I wish you all luck. I could really use this to help to rehab, lose weight and help maintain fitness in my daily routines.

  386. Christine Klunder says:

    OH wow, must I choose? My fave as far as tastiness was Nature’s Way Metabolic ReSet – Strawberry which I had to stop buying due to cost and difficulty with keeping it in stock, but others have been the Garden of Life RAW iron supplement, and Delicious Greens (berry), and Pet Naturals vitamins…and like others here, I could go on and on… :)

  387. Rebecca says:

    Vitacost coconut oil!!

  388. Heather Lohse says:

    I have too many favorite products. The Vitacost brands are good for a lot of what I take. But I love Garden of Life because it is from whole food sources with added probiotics. LifeExtension products are great too; especially their specialty products for Mito support. Favorite Omega product, WholeMega for sure!

  389. Amanda Lasky says:

    My (current) favorite items are the snack bars by Larabar. Oh the Chocolate Hazelnut is awesome!!!

  390. Britni says:

    Coconut Oil for sure!

  391. Gaynie Baumler says:

    I have so many favorite products from Vitacost!! Peanut Butter and Co. white chocolate peanut butter, Chocolove Almond and Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bars, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Aubrey Organics Vegecel for your face, Tinkyada brown rice pasta and I could keep going!!

  392. Matt says:

    I buy almost all of my vitamins and supplements from Vitacost and most are Vitacost brands. I like the Raspberry Keytones and Digestive Enzymes.

  393. Jocelyn Lail says:

    I love pretty much anything I get from Vitacost. I especially love the prices. :)

  394. Margaret says:

    Many favorites, including gluten free food products and nordic natural fish oils

  395. Camille says:

    I’m not sure what my favorite product is. I’ve ordered so many! I guess my favorite “product” is the ability to comparison shop, free shipping for most of my orders, and great discounts to boot. Okay, I know that’s not really a product. My real answer is Buried Treasure Liquid B Complex. It tastes so great, and B vitamins have been so important for me this past year in maintaining and gaining energy.

  396. Rachel says:

    Sea Buckthorn Oil!!!

  397. Cheryl says:

    I love all the natural beauty products. There’s too many too name!

  398. Shelby Moore says:

    My favorites are the all natural beauty products and essential oils!

  399. Jennifer says:

    It’s hard to just pick one, but I love Garden of Life Raw Multi – Family. Vitacost has the best prices on all my nutritional needs, love it!

  400. Kelly says:

    We have been using Garden of Life Super Food Supplements for quite a while now and I am so impressed with how many green foods are in each serving! We feel so much better and it helps support our passion to eat clean and green in 2013!

  401. Rachel Joselson says:

    I love Dr. Smoothie!!!

  402. geniene pernotto says:

    Buckwheat honey is great for many ailments & one’s immune system.

  403. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE VitaCost! I “stop in” often and I always order Holy Basil and Vitamin C toner among many other favorites! I also shop for relaxation gifts for friends. (The aromatherapy shower tablets are great!)

  404. Charlie says:

    Never tried the products, however I’m looking forward to being introduced to the brand through a victory in this sweepstakes.

  405. Mark R. says:

    The Garden of Life Perfect Food Greens Superfood is essential for making green smoothies.

  406. Debbie says:

    My favorite vitacost item is D-Mannose. It helps to make me feel healthy.

  407. Penny McCann says:

    Vitacost Coconut Oil

  408. Lin says:

    My favorite Vitacost product is Amazing Grass. It has wonderful organic ingredients and is very reasonably priced.

  409. Brad says:

    It has to be the Coconut Oil!

  410. christine says:

    I love the garden of life i use that daily along with my yoga and zumba routine. I would love this kit well anything you guys give out is awesome. Just hope one day i get to win one :) if not i will keep trying!

  411. Tina S. says:

    I order so many products from your site so it’s hard to pick just 1. I love the Every Man Jack shaving products for my husband. Your brand of essential oils are wonderful as well.

  412. Jennifer says:

    Nature’s Way Alive!® Whole Food Energizerâ„¢ Multi-Vitamin

  413. jenny kirgis says:

    Mrs. Meyers Clean Day (Geranium) – all purpose cleaner! I am not kidding when I say you will love cleaning and the scent of geraniums is known to “uplift your mood”! The house smells wonderful- natural – and the product works so well on walls/floors/counters and sinks.

  414. Melissa says:

    Krill oil and lots more!!!

  415. Elece Johnson says:

    I’m all about Coconut oil!!!! But I love all the products! Healthy food is the best.

  416. Jennifer Rath says:

    100% Aura Cacia Lavendar Oil. So relaxing

  417. Kristin says:

    Vitacost coconut oil :)

  418. Ana Otero says:

    Gluten free bread and coconut oil

  419. kameko marie overs says:

    I love the cocunut oil, as well as the resberry ketone. However I think that everything the site has to offer is a quality product. its evident that there are so many benifits to the foods and products you sell, and unlike some health foods, alot of yours taste great!

  420. Cathy Prince says:

    I have so many favorite products from Vitacost, I don’t think I can narrow one down! I love the Vitacost Coconut Oil, Tonalin CLA, multivitamins, flax seed…..See, so many, I can’t keep count!!!! :) I LOVE VITACOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  421. Janice T. says:

    Would be great to win!

  422. alix says:

    I love the Garden of life pre natals.

  423. Toni says:

    I love your website…I find almost all of my gluten free items right here! I love the vitacost omega 3 fish oil in strawberry flavor best.

  424. Victoria Kamsler says:

    I love Tinkyada gluten free noodles! Happy be able to find them on Vitacost at a great price.

  425. CT says:

    Carlson Cod Liver Oil in Lemon Flavor!

  426. rena says:

    This is my first time ordering. I am very exited to find pure jojoba oil at a great price. I am pretty sure this will be my favorite site!

  427. Chris A says:

    my fav product would be the Omega-3’s

  428. PAMELA says:

    I Love VITACOST, favorite products are Relax r bath by Aubrey, raw protein and so so many others. plus all the Vitacost brand supplements amazing, I refer everyone to this site

  429. Jordan D says:

    I love that Vitacost sells About Time protein powders. They have so many great flavors. When I place my first order, I plan to buy the cinnamon or mocha mint!

  430. Susan says:

    I love vitacost and my favorite item is a tie between Horse Chestnut herbal supplements and my organic coconut oil! I would love to win this yoga set, I have given it much thought about starting up yoga!

  431. Barbra Fergang says:

    I like the zinc glauconate/picolonate.

  432. Paula Ford says:

    I love ordering from Vitacost and especially love their brand of vitamins. I take Vitacost Brand calcium, vitamin D, vitamin E, indole-3-carbinol, DIM, biotin, b complex, saw palmetto, and Trans-Resveratrol Plus. I also buy the Vitacost Brand coconut oil and love it. They are all my favorites.

  433. Beth says:

    My favorite is the organic coconut oil!

  434. Jeanette M C says:

    I love all of the Gluten Free foods. The last time I placed an order, I ordered the lemon fish oil capsules, and my husband really likes them.

  435. Jessica Lodge says:

    The Coconut Oil

  436. L$&inda Bickford says:

    I’m loving the coconut oil, trying to incorporate it into more and I learn :)

  437. Robyn says:

    Love vitacost’s great prices on diva cup products!!

  438. Diana says:

    My favorite product from vitacost is Kal Brand Stevia 3.5 oz powder. The best price and great quality!

  439. I love to order Derma E,Alba Botanica,Avalon,Earth Sciens products. Peace of Prince Ogranic Green Tea .Vitamins and oils.

  440. Lisa Manning says:

    I love Vitacost, their vitamin D and the B12 drops are my favorites!

  441. Robyn Norris says:

    My favorite product is the BPT Roxylean

  442. Stacey Sims says:

    I love the L-Theanine. Plan to order more coconut oil and look for raspberry ketones on your site!

  443. Denise Viola says:

    I love pamelas baking & pancake mix :)

  444. Victoria says:

    I love a lot of the products but the winner is the coconut oil.

  445. Victoria says:

    vitacost is the best out there.all the bars are so good to yummy.

  446. Melissa says:

    I’m in love with Vitacost prices in general. Their line is so affordable. I really like the chlorella, great price and no messy residue like tablets have

  447. Aaron G says:

    My favorite and the item I use the most has to be Valeo Yoga and Pilates Mat! A simple item, you may think, but it’s done wonders on giving comfort and keeping me in shape.

  448. Diana says:

    Golly-gee if I had to pick Only one FAVORITE of mine of then I would have to say the one that I most often order like Every week I have a bottle of their Organic Certified Gogi Gold. I feel incredibly healthy since bringing into my daily routine and my friends I have referred do as well. We are greatful for the marvelous life-enriching products that taste great and help us to perform our best. I know I speak not just for me though for all of the many friends I have introduced to What a wonderful job this company does for us! All I can say is WOW!

  449. kim says:

    I love vitacost organic coconut oil.

  450. Lisa says:

    New Chapter Zyflamed awesome product.

  451. dawna says:

    I’ve been very pleased with Vitacost’s own brand of vitamins supplements, that I previously paid more for. And I have to join so many others here with mentioning especially, the Vitacost brand of coconut oil, which I think is as good as several other brands I’ve tried, at a better price.

  452. Ryah Sharpe says:

    It would have to be a tossup between the childrens gummy vitamins and the coconut oil. My kids beg to take their vitamins every day and the price is awesome! I use the coconut oil as a dietary supplement. I put it in my coffee when I take it. I also use it in baking, in my hair, on my face, on my hands and as a massage oil. Its amazing!!!!

  453. Shelly Boyd says:

    My fave-Orgain shakes-in chocolate! Mmmm…

  454. April Walton says:

    I love that I can purchase MSM soap and other MSM products. I also love all of the Vitacost sales. Ordering from your website is always less expensive than driving to three or four healthy stores to find all of the products I need.

  455. HeatherN says:

    I love Vitacost 42 fruits and vegetables. I took those on my midwife recommendation for a healthy pregnancy.

  456. Deborah Thomas says:

    Hard to say what my fave product is…the Vitacost EV Organic Coconut Oil and the Best of All Unsulphered Ginger Slices are what I order the most!

  457. christine says:

    vitacost extra virgin coconut oil

  458. robin says:

    Love the bobs red mill gluten free quick cooking oats. My family loves homemade oatmeal with cinnamon, apples.

  459. Julie says:

    I have placed many orders with Vitacost and have always been satisfied with their products and service. I go to my local health food store for produce, but their prices can’t even begin to compare to buying online at Vitacost for natural supplements (barley grass, wheat grass,coconut oil, etc). Thank you Vitacost for making shopping online so convenient, easy, and affordable.

  460. Erica Hellier says:

    Vitacost coconut oil!!!

  461. Sheila says:

    Eternal Skin Vitamins

  462. Debbie Rogers says:

    I get my Anadalou Naturals skin care products from you at a fraction of the cost… we have a limited income, so every little bit counts! Thank you for making quality products available to those of us who otherwise couldn’t use them.

  463. gretchen jewell says:

    I must have spry cinnamon gum!

  464. Janice Walker says:

    My favorite product from Vitacost is Sleep Complex because it works 100% of the time!

  465. Colleen F says:

    I was just referred so I am looking into all the goodies you carry. So far I have to try the coconut oil apparently as it is a big hit! I also like that you offer pet supplies too!

  466. cathy thomas says:

    My favorite product is Mill Creek Organic Biotin shampoo, good price and smells great!

  467. Tonya says:

    Nature’s Way Alive Multivitamin Supplement covers more than just the basics and keeps me on top of my game!

  468. aaron lilge says:

    I love all the products I have ever bought from vitacost. Nothing I have receivd was a bad product.

  469. Erla Sigurdardottir says:

    It’s hard to pick a favorite but I love the coconut oil!!!!!!!!

  470. raina says:

    I love the Vitacost Coconut Oil and the childrens chewable probiotics.

  471. Jennifer says:

    Love the vitacost brand krill oil!

  472. Christian Bonner says:

    love vitacost

  473. Rebecca says:

    I am obsessed with vitacost coconut oil!!

  474. jen casper says:

    my favorite is vitacost flaxseed oil and probiotic 10-20

  475. Jessica Musch says:

    Vitacost is an awesome way to get the health products you need at a fraction of the price. It’s a no brainer!

  476. Melissa Smith says:

    I love all of your essential oils!! Plus I love using your app to purchase things!! Great. :)

  477. Allyson says:

    Love the coconut oil!

  478. Bryan Koecke says:

    warrior diet

  479. samantha says:

    coconut oil

  480. Liz McGlasson says:

    I first started ordering years ago from vitacost for Source Naturals Life Forceâ„¢ Multiple No Iron — the best vitamin out there. Then began buying my next favorite product – Nature’s Plus Source of Life® Energy Shake Creamy Granola — I put a scoop in my smoothie and it adds tons of great vitamins and a really great taste. My latest favorite is Navitas Naturals Organic Cacao Powder Raw Chocolate – I put it in my smoothie also, and use it for a really healthy homemade hot chocolate.

  481. Tiffiny Duke says:

    Vanilla Bean Shake!

  482. Patricia Smith says:

    coconut oil.

  483. Amanda says:

    I love the organic suckers!

  484. India says:

    My favorite product are the Promax chocolate peanut bars!

  485. Kimberly M says:

    I really love the Vega Pre-Workout Energizer. It can take a lot of motivation to get out the door on a cold day for a 8 mile run, but if I drink a scoop of the Vega Pre-Workout Energizer, it really gives me that boost I need to get out the door and get going. It lasts a while too!

  486. Stephanie says:

    I love the Warrior Blend – chocolate!

  487. Joanne Gregory says:

    Pamelas baking & pancake mix

  488. caitlin geary says:

    I am new to vitacost and have not placed an order ey. I was reffered to your website when complaining about the high cost of healthy supplements and coconut oil. Thank the heavens. Your products are affordable. Now no one has the expense excuse.

  489. Marlene says:

    Way too many too mention. Love vistacost!!!!!

  490. adi zabar says:

    My favorite product from is Queen Helene Masque Mint Julep !
    i just love that! and my skin is absoulotly glowing and more alive.

  491. Sara Jane Kurpeski says:

    I love the Vega Pre-workout energizer. It’s the cleanest one I have ever found an it is the best price at Vitacost.

  492. Maryann Drapkin says:

    I love all the products especially Rainbow Light 50+ Mini Tabs

  493. April Van Noord says:

    My favorite product is coconut oil, tastes great and great price!

  494. Danielle says:

    I love the Bragg Organic Olive Oil and Desert Essence Tea Tree Mouthwash from They cost less than the store and I love that!

  495. Kelley says:

    My fav vita cost product is the coconut oil! As well as all the many coconut water options…I’m nuts about coconuts!! 😛

  496. Jennilee says:

    I love the coconut oil!

  497. Tracy Anderson says:

    My favorite Vitacost product is the Coconut Oil.

  498. Melissa Kelly says:

    My favorite product is the vanilla protein powder.

  499. Brenda Nester says:

    Garden of Life RAW vitamins! I love that VitaCost has free shipping for orders over $49 because mine always are!! Thank you!

  500. Laura says:

    I love that you carry a vegan D3 suppliment and B12 spray.

  501. Kathleen Cole says:

    Ooops! -Forgot to say what my favorite product is. I return to Vitacost frequently for excellent products, several of them from Nature’s Gate, always at a discounted price.

  502. My favorite Vitacost products are the green coffee bean extract and the coconut oil. Both very good products.

  503. Heather says:

    I am new but a friend recommended the Jason shampoo an conditioner so I’m excited to try that and some other new products.

  504. Jo-Anne Hyder says:

    What do you have to do to enter the contest? I’ve got lots of fat to trim! lol

  505. Suzanne G says:

    Vitacost Omega-3 Soft Chews Citrus Flavor!

  506. Melissa says:

    My favorite products from Vitacist are Kiss My Face Everyday Shampoo & Conditioner in the giant bottle- they’re a great bargain, not tested on animals, and keep my hair smelling great!

  507. Jo-Anne Hyder says:

    Favorite product(S!) are Nubian Heritage Soaps and Lotions, Dr. Wood’s Black African Soap, Vitacost Coconut oil (organic!) and Tea-chinno herbal coffees! 😀

  508. Mary Ann says:

    I love all the Vitacost products. I have never been dissatisfied with the quality. I do nutritional counseling and recommend and order products for my clients. The D-Ribose, CLA and multis are a few of my top picks.

  509. Brenda DeGross says:

    I love Olympic Vanilla Labs Pea Protein!

  510. Donald LeMunyon says:

    My wife orders all our supplements from Vitacost. I leave the ordering to her but I know since I have been taking your supplements my health and blood test results have greatly improved.

  511. barbara velardi says:

    I go through phases in ordering items – but always come back for the quality & price of supplements, foods & health/beauty products from brand names to Vitacost brands. Thank you.

  512. Karen Reid says:

    I love all of the Kiss my Face products, they have never let me down!!!

  513. judy harris says:

    I’m new to Vitacost — I’ve only tried a few vitamins so far, but I’ve decided that 2013 is MY year, and a total re-boot is in order in all areas of my life — mind, body, spirit. This kit would go a long way towards helping me reach my goals! :)

  514. Lesley Cyford says:

    I use vitacost for almost all of my organic food and supplement needs. The product I use the most is organic coconut milk

  515. Fritzie says:

    YS Organic Raw Honey, LOVE it!

  516. Elisabeth Shake says:

    My favorite items from Vitacost include organic peanut butter, all my Alba Organics hair and beauty products, and my massaging hairbrush!

  517. lisa belles says:

    I love yoga! And I love Vitacost coconut oil, let’s do organic coconut flour, and ys eco bee farms raw honey!

  518. Heidi says:

    I have ordered several time from vitacost and love the variety and ease of finding the items I need for good health-thank you for being here for all of us health conscious people!!!I do love the chia seeds-the price is alot cheaper than in my local stores! Thank you again Vitacost!!!

  519. Ivichiong says:

    My favorite product is the CLA! I think its definitely making a difference!

  520. Luis says:

    Has to be dymatize elite protein, got a 10lb

  521. Penny Bowyer says:

    I love all of Mrs Meyers products. The great scent and great cleaning is a wonderful combination!

  522. Heather says:

    I am new to the site but I’m so looking forward to trying the Jason shampoo and conditioner a friend recommended to me. I’ve been browsing the site all last night looking at all the awesome things I want to get. :)

  523. Jazzmin V says:

    My favorite product at Vitacost is the New Chapter Fish Oil capsules.

  524. Katie Rose Yaniak says:

    The Coconut Oil!

  525. Sarah Hillard says:

    I love this website and how it makes being healthy more affordable! I love the Desert Essence brad; especially the coconut lotion. I also love the argon oil. thank you Vita Cost~

  526. Jan says:

    I love countless products that are hard to find in stores near me. Two faves: Garden of Life Super Seed and Natural Factors Whey powder with Matcha green tea.

  527. Sharon Kaminski says:

    started using coconut oil and would like it

  528. Meaghan says:

    I love Viacost! I get our coconut oil and black strap molasses, plus my prenatal vitamins. I get lots of other items too, but those are the staples.

  529. Wendy says:

    My favorite product is the moringa! I use it faithfully every day!

  530. Tiffany says:

    I love Fresh Baby products for making my own baby food. They make great gifts.
    the_pipsqueak_boutique at hotmail dot com

  531. Samanatha says:

    Vitacost is one of my favorite shopping sites. I love Almased protein powder, and nobody beats the price of Vitacost!! I always recommend my friends to shop here!

  532. Gina says:

    The coconut oil!!

  533. Yvonne says:

    NeoCell Hyaluronic Acid ….best price ANYWHERE!

  534. My favorite product is your Coconut Manna. I love it on my oatmeal every morning and on baked sweet potatoes and it is so healthy for me.

  535. Reva Damir says:

    My husband is an excellent yoga instructor and I teach Tai Chi so this package will contribute to offering the best to our students. I have introduced everyone I know who is interested in good health to Vitacost and many of them have been loyal (and regular!) customers for years.


  536. My favorite product is your is your Coconut manna. I love it in my oatmeal and on my baked sweet potatoes.

  537. Coconut manna! It is so yummy!

  538. Shan lee says:

    Vistacost coconut oil!

  539. Jayci Sadio says:

    My favorite product is Dr. Bonner’s coconut oil. Vitacost is the only place I can find it. Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  540. Sunny says:

    I love all the aura cacia aromatherapy! My hubs likes parastroy, and i also benefit from the SamE i get from you <3

  541. Lori says:

    I love Ecos Laundry Detergent in Lavender!

  542. Wendy Hark says:

    I like Vitacost CLA best!

  543. J Mc Essen says:

    Found this site when looking for gluten free food for my son. I also eat “healthy and this site helps me do so, while saving time and money.

  544. Joan says:

    It is hard to just pick one. I would have to say Vitacost coconut oil. I love shopping Vitacost for gluten free flours too!

  545. valerie says:

    I love the Probiotics!!

  546. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I love the Vitacost Brand Coconut Oil, New Chapter Prenatal Vitamins and the Burt’s Bee’s Baby collection!

  547. Cheri says:

    I love the coconut oil!!! It gives everything a little extra flavor. I’m thinking about trying it in my hair next.

  548. DonnaZ says:

    I order a ton from Vitacost so it’s hard to narrow it down, but the two things I cannot do without are the Desert Essence Coconut shampoo and conditioner! Natural, make my hair feel great, and a great price!

  549. Vivian Lew says:

    I have several fav thru vitacost but the ones I regular order even though there is no discount or savings is the Emu oil! – vitacost brand

  550. Pam Harville says:

    I have only placed 2 orders. The stevia I like and is a good price. I also liked the pb2 which is peanut butter with chocolste.

  551. melissa says:

    I love the Nutiva Coconut Oil

  552. Jennifer Beltran says:

    My absolute favorite product is Syntrax Nectar & Sweets Protein powders. The best ever!!! Smooth, no clumps, great taste, low calorie, high protein and no carbs. Perfection!!!

  553. Gina says:

    Raspberry Ketones Complete

  554. Kathie says:

    So hard to pick just one – I guess it would be Aria Women’s Protien plus you have the best price!!!

  555. Pam Gordon says:

    my favorite product is the coconut oil :-)

  556. charly says:

    I love all vitacost products. can’t pick a favorite

  557. Kyra Gorski says:

    Vitacost Coconut Oil, because it has so many uses!

  558. Jamie Steagall says:

    My favorite product that I get from Vitacost would have to be the “Source Naturals Coenzymateâ„¢ B Complex Sublinguals” (in peppermint) I’m obsessed with these. I’ve tried so many differnt B-Complex supplements in the past, all different forms and have not found one that holds a torch to these. I love the sublinguals because they melt under your tongue, no failed attempts to swallow a pill (or if you’re like me, horrible gagging sounds that accompany it!), and the taste of these is just awesome- who doesn’t love a good does of peppermint in the morning?!?!?!? Quick and easy way to get your “B” vitamins in, and a nice natural way to boost my metabolism in the morning to get my day started off right. Love these things…I tell everyone about them.

    Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway,
    Jamie Steagall

  559. Danielle Fouts says:

    I have been shopping on for years… there are so many things that I love from Vitacost. I guess my favorite would have to be a facewash that I have used for years – the Desert Essence line (I use different ones during different parts of the year so I can’t narrow down to ONE favorite) :) Thanks for all the great products and the chance to win!

  560. Gina says:

    YS Eco Farms Bee Pollen!!! Love your great prices and outstanding service.

  561. Taya Linville says:

    My favorite product is coconut oil! Thanks for the chance at this awesome prize! I could definitely use it :)

  562. Christine Willea says:

    Yoga and clean eating are two of my resolutions.

  563. Gloria Ward says:

    Love the Zub Rub.

  564. Tracey says:

    My favorite is Shikai Borage Therapy dry skin lotion this is a lotion that actually works, it does change the appearance and feeling of your skin (mine) for the better.

  565. Amy says:

    I love the gluten free products such as the brown rice pasta that is less expensive than purchasing it in my nearest store.

  566. Cindy Levesque says:

    My favorite vitacost product I’d the Bob’s Red Mill oat bran. Delicious and full.of.fiber. Thanks for the great products and great value!

  567. Gaylen Currin says:

    The organic shea butter.

  568. Kim Johnson says:

    Coconut oil for sure! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  569. Kristina says:

    I love the coconut oil..soooo fabulous!

  570. Marie Taylor says:

    I have so many favorites that i get from Vitacost, it’s difficult to narrow it down to just one. But, i would have to say that my all-time favorite product is the Vitacost brand Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. The quality is superb, and the price is unbeatable, making this a true value! So glad i discovered Vitacost! And now, with a chance to win products that will help me gain a healthier lifestyle, it’s almost perfect!

  571. Kei T. says:

    Oh, I love so many things it’s too hard to pick just one! I’m really loving the Derma E Vitamin A w/ Vitamin E oil right now and everything I’ve tried from Aura Cacia has been great. I absolutely love the Spry toothpaste (gum & mints too) and Vitacost coconut oil….see, I can’t stop!

  572. Katie says:

    We too love your coconut oil and the great prices on products that we use every day.

  573. Terri says:

    I love Source Naturals Melatonin NutraSpray. It really helps with insomnia.

  574. Nancy Cargil says:

    I love the Promax Chocolate Peanut Crunch bars. Yum!

  575. Annie says:

    Vitacost Berrytastic Fruit and Vegetable Complex. It mixes easily in water, juice or yogurt and tastes great. It is a n easy way to get extra greens into my diet.

  576. Kim Vawters says:

    Love Vitacost, very easy to order!

  577. Jennifer Dyrhaug says:

    I love the coconut oil!

  578. Gregory says:

    Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey.

  579. Leah says:

    I have never ordered from you before but i will my next on-line order. I like that you sell Quercetin + C by Twin Lab (my staple seasonal allergy anti-histamine for 10 yrs) and I love that you sell MyChelle Skincare and profits of MyChelle go to Equine Therapy helping at risk youth and foals from Premarin industry. :) Thank you!

  580. Julie D. says:

    The coconut oil is awesome!!

  581. Heather says:

    I have not tried these products yet, but I would love to.

  582. laura says:

    Hard to limit to one favorite because love the diversity of products and the best prices anywhere, coupled w fast, free shipping-best company!!!
    I do love the cla 1300, probiotics n sunnies;)
    Cheers to happy, healthy 2013

  583. Angela Z says:

    I love the Orgain sweet vanilla bean shakes!

  584. Mr. B says:

    My favorite product this month is Coconut Oil. I was surprised to read recently that this is a healthy oil, even though it is saturated! It is unlike other saturated oils. Co-incidentally, I also read that it is important to have a meal containing fat when you take fat-soluble vitamins. So coconut oil is a winner!

  585. Lorraine says:

    The mat definitely.

  586. Dawn Chalmers says:

    My favorite product from vitacost is PB8 probiotics.

  587. Beth says:

    Vitacost is the best! Love many things including the liquid chlorophyll and range of healthy alternatives to sugars

  588. Heather Adams says:

    Barleans DHA

  589. Shelly Isaacson says:

    I enjoy Vitacost’s wheatgrass

  590. Tara Williams says:

    I would absolutely love to win this awesome gift!.!.! My favorite product is earth-therapeutics-loofah-complexion-pads along with all the other lovely bath & body products that y’all offer! Thank you for making healthy products available to the masses!.!.!

  591. Debi Phillips says:

    Love, love LOVE VitaCost Coconut Oil!!!!

  592. Shelly Isaacson says:

    I enjoy Vita-cost’s Wheat Germ

  593. Shelly Isaacson says:

    I enjoy vita-cost wheat germ

  594. Adrianne B says:

    My favorite product is the Coconut Oil!

  595. Shelly Isaacson says:

    Wheat Germ

  596. AbSa says:

    Vitacost Coconut Oil would b great

  597. Krystal R says:

    My next fish oil will be the Vitacost KriaXanthin® Antarctic Krill Oil! Great product and great price… already my fave!

  598. Cheryl Connelly says:

    I love all products but the coconut oil, and organic body lotions are great!

  599. Catherine says:

    Bare Fruit Organic Dried D’Anjoy Pears – Vitacost is my healthy organic candy store!

  600. John Thomas Haley says:

    chocalate peanutbutter chrunch

  601. Kim Vawters says:

    I love the bogo offers, I received (2) L-Carnosine for the price of one!

  602. Holly B says:

    I like the Desert Essence Hand Cream in Pumpkin Spice

  603. barbara says:

    one of my favorite products is the Biotene shampoo and conditioner. LOVE IT!

  604. Carrie says:

    I love the coconut oil!! Great flavor and is a real multi use product!

  605. Margaret says:

    I love Vitacost coconut oil!!

  606. Tara Williams says:

    I would absolutely love to win this awesome gift!.!.! My favorite product is earth-therapeutics-loofah-complexion-pads along with all the other awesome bath & beauty products y’all carry!.!.! Thank you for making healthy products available to the masses @ affordable prices!!!

  607. Wendy Tinkler says:

    I LOVE Vitacost Brand of Vitamins, and their price for EmergencC =0)

  608. katharine says:

    I love Dr.Bronners soap! I use it to clean floors, shampoo hair, wash dishes… anything that needs some cleaning. This is an excellent product that is not harmful to you and your children.

  609. Angela says:

    I like the vitamin e lotion!

  610. Alison Chapman says:

    VITACOST BRAND COCONUT OIL!!!! Best price around and meets so many cooking and personal care needs around the house, something very important to me since having my first baby.

  611. Joan says:

    I enjoy the convience of ordering thruough Vitacost. I love the Vitacost COQ10 among others.

  612. Linda Lansford says:

    My fave is Vitacost coconut oil

  613. Christine says:

    I like all the products I have ordered from Vitacost and the ease of ordering, checking out the sale prices, and having it delivered to my door. I will go with the Pamela’s gluten free baking mix as a nice product.

  614. Breee says:

    Definitely the cranberry concentrate! Second is the Jason toothpaste; which is almost half the price compared to a local store…

  615. Kathrine Wilkinson says:

    Vitacost Black Elderberry 5000mg concentrate is my favorite illness fighter this cold & flu season!!

  616. Jenn says:

    I love almond oil lotion! It’s amazing but we order so much from. Vitacost!!

  617. Kelly says:

    I lost 150 pounds in the 2 years!! so now I’ve started yoga!!! And my favorite product is….coconut oil!!
    I wanna win! :)

  618. pam says:

    fave product: anything for yoga

  619. silvina P. says:

    I have many favorites ! One of them is… Xilitol powder which I use to sweeten my morning coffee or to make a warm syrupy topping with raspberries ! (sugar free!). Also, surya henna cream hair color, Himalaya moisturizer, etc…..

  620. Kristen says:

    yoga travel towel!

  621. carol lehmann says:

    Very hard to pick just one! I’d say garden of life womens multi vitamin. But I get atleast 11 garden of life products a month from vitacost. Best customer service around.

  622. Harnglin says:

    Love love Aura Cacia any body oil(sweet almond, apricot, grape seed..). Use as makeup remover, body lotion or face massage.

  623. lynette says:

    I love the vitamins and the coconut products. especially the coconut oil. wonderful

  624. Chelsea Terrusa says:

    Oh how I love VitaCost! I suppose my favorite product would be the coconut oil because it has so many uses! Tastes great and smells great too!

  625. Emily N. says:

    My favorite product is probably the Traditional Medicinals Seasonal Herb Tea Sampler. I use this tea all the time to keep colds and sickness at bay.

  626. Mareni says:

    One of many Vitacost favors are Sam-e and Hawthorn.

  627. Diana says:

    Definitely Cinnamon Honey!

  628. Carey Cole says:

    Right now I am into the chocolate covered sunflower seeds–WOW!

  629. Christine says:

    the Vitacost Chlorella Tabs

  630. Kelly says:

    My favorite vitacost products are peanut flour and their incredibly priced Garden of Life’s Raw Meal!

  631. JESSICA LEWIS says:

    I would like to try the Raspberry Ketones Complete. I have heard many good things abou this product.

  632. amy m. says:

    My fav product is desert essence lip rescue with shea butter! My sons keep stealing them from me, so I guess they are their favorite, too!

  633. Denise S says:

    I want to try the Coconut Oil.

  634. Kriste Andrea says:

    I love the spirulina! Happy New Year!

  635. Sarah B. says:

    I order stuff froim Vitacost all the time, so I have many favorites. A couple of my faves include the Florell Probiotic Formula capsules, and I love my Aloha Bay Himalayan Salt candle holders. Yay Vitacost!

  636. Zoey Smith says:

    My favorite product at is the Valeo Deluxe Speed Rope ( Perfect fun exercise that you can do anywhere!

  637. Robin says:

    Love the Vitacost Sam-e!

  638. Wanda Fields says:

    I order all my vitamins, essential oils and anything else I need for me and my dogs. The cost is so much less than the retail stores. love you, Vitacost. My favorite products are Multi Fiber Cleanse and Twin Labs energy drink. Couldn’t live without them.

  639. Emily says:

    I Love so many products from Vitacost! One favorite is Nutiva Coconut Oil. It is the best tasting and it has a variety of uses. Kiss My Face Eye Repair Creme is awesome as well! Vitacost has the best selection and prices :)

  640. Hallie says:

    Sappo hill oatmeal soap. :)

  641. carol says:

    gluten free flour. and cannot wait to order alot of stuff next month, your prices are amazing and we love the recipes and hints because my husband had to go gluten free. We are constantly browsing this site for info thank you for making it easier.

  642. Tory C. says:

    We love the Vitacost Extra Virgin Coconut Oil!

  643. Jessica P says:

    Oh, I love fish oil, apple cider vinegar, CLA capsules, Evening Primrose and the Strawberry Atkins shakes I can’t get anywhere else! I also order my probiotics from Vitacost too! No flu for me yet this year :) bc of all my vitamins

  644. Jennifer says:

    Auromere toothpaste. Finally, a natural toothpaste that’s good for the teeth.

  645. ELIZABETH C. says:

    Definately the coconut oil. I’ve been using it for along time and love it.

  646. norma carlyon says:

    I love my Vitacost! I am thrilled about the Vitacost brands being as good, if not better, than the products from other companies… I love the many I do buy from you exclusively… I trust your brand. so much that I need to meditate and study yoga to get really healthy…. ahhh …. and the best is that I also love Gaiam… so that is the best paring I can think of…

  647. Shelly Somers says:

    I love vitacost period! I love the prices, I love the ease of navigation, I love the choices. You name it, I love it! Haven’t found anything I dislike and I recommend it to everyone I know. Thank you Vitacost

  648. Barb says:

    hands down the coconut oil. very versatile

  649. jackie says:

    CCoconut oil!!

  650. Roy Smalley says:

    My fave is the Vitacost Whey Protein Complex Powder with BCAAs – tastes fantastic, no artificial chemical sweetners, and an amazing protein source!

  651. Alexandra Clatterbuck says:

    My favorite item is the strength and flexibility kit! I could definitely use it! =) Thank you for the great giveaway!

  652. Shelley Scott says:

    I love the baby products!

  653. Robynn says:

    I order a lot of different supplements from Vitacost and have been happy with everything so far. I’m trying some new things this time to help with my New Year’s resolution to lose some weight!

  654. Jaime says:

    The dark chocolate South Beach fiber bars looked really tasty! I like those!

  655. Mariana Cary says:

    Coconut oil

  656. Sophia says:

    I love the Giovanni hair styling products like paste and pommade.

  657. Lily Z says:

    Vitacost has great prices. I especially like their extra virgin coconut oil.

  658. Courtney says:

    I just recently placed my first order and have yet to receive my shipment but I’m the most excited about my coconut oil. I love the stuff! It a kitchen wonder.

  659. Lisa says:

    So many wonderful products, but the one I can’t be without is my YS Eco Bee Farms Raw Honey . No aftertaste, just a pure, clean flavor that complements everything from tea to toast. In fact, I have it under Set and Save, and a teaspoon each day has helped me to curb my ravenous sweet tooth!

  660. Leslie Hoyer says:

    I love the Carlson Super 2 Daily vitamins!

  661. Franca says:

    Kiss My Face Cell Mate 15 is a great moisturizer in all seasons. There is enough moisture for the cold weather,but is light and smooth enough for th warm seasons. It is oganic and contains sunscreen.

  662. Steve says:

    Gaspari Nutrition Probiotic Whey Protein is hands down the best protein ever invented. The cinnamon roll flavor is to die for…please get it in 5lb containers!!

  663. Lorraine Hudson says:

    I don’t think I could pick just one! Having access to all the products I can’t get living in the FL panhandle is what I love the best!

  664. cheryl knapp says:

    Can u pick just one?lol

  665. Amy Ledesma says:

    I love the LavAzza Exspresso coffee. I am a real coffee nut so when I taste something special I notice.This is coffee with a bold flavor and a kick.Thats what I like.

  666. I love the childrens gummies multi vitamins by vitacost

  667. kristina says:

    Chia Seeds are my fav!!! :)

  668. meknon28 says:

    Kosher Vitacost B12 Rasberry.

  669. Karen says:

    MRM Metabolic Whey (French Vanilla) is one of my favorites.

  670. Emily Slayter says:

    I really like the Greens Plus Natural Energy bars. They are healthy and make for a quick lunch at work or when I’m on the run! Thank you for offering them at a better price!

  671. Donna Schmidt says:

    Do to chronic health problems, I rely on the nutritional support that I can easily find @ Particularly, i depend on digestive enzymes and Protein powder vitamin/mineral combination.

  672. Martine says:


    I have only recently discovered your site but I love it. My favorite product so far has been Nature’s gate deodorant in orange patchouli. I was on the lookout for an effective natural deodorant and for me this is it. I already practice yoga so of course I would be thrilled to win!

  673. Linda G says:

    I have been buying Rainbow Light Menopause One vitamins from here for a long time. They are like 1/2 the price on Vitacost compared to in stores! Plus Vitacost service is great! Try it!

  674. Kimberlee Croucher says:

    I love the coconut oil and the tart cherry!! Use either or or both almost every day!!!

  675. Mary Ann says:

    The mat is great! I suspect the other products are as well.

  676. destiny says:

    What a wonderful way to start the new year!!

  677. nicoleg says:

    When I was nursing my littlest one, I loved the Traditional Medicine Nursing support teea. Great product at a great price.

  678. Sandra Foss says:

    My favorite product is Orjene Face Wash.

  679. debi says:

    This year I will stay on my path of practicing kindness and keep using one of my favorites to “sweeten” the deal! “YS Eco Bee Farms Raw Honey”
    The best price and smoothest tasting honey!

  680. clarissa says:

    Right now its the Chia seeds since I am trying to add them to my diet

  681. Meredith says:

    Raw honey, it is like nature’s frosting!

  682. betty wojnar says:

    my favorite is the organic drink in vanilla bean

  683. Tracy says:

    It is hard to choose just one item because i use your vitamins but I would have to say the favorite is the Coconut oil!

  684. Angel says:

    I LOVE VitaCost vitamin C, parsley and Nature’s Plus Ultra Hair supplement!!!
    Great products at great prices!! Also have tried several hair products and love them all…
    Thanks VitaCost!!

  685. Beth says:

    Coconut oil and anything green!

  686. Joelle says:

    I have so many favorite products, it’s hard to choose! But right now, i’m really digging my Aztec clay, makes my skin so perdy.

  687. Dana Heffler says:

    I have not tried any of the products yet but I am in desperate need of weight loss and being healthy. Just started researching different products.

  688. Jennifer B. says:

    I like the Vitacost Coconut Oil.

  689. Trisha Honkoski says:

    Vitacost coconut oil for sure! : )

  690. Charlene Hayden says:

    I love anything made by Enjoy Life, especially the Cocoa Loco bars!

  691. Kelly says:

    I went to a nutritionist a while ago and she recommended a few products like Nutivia organic extra virgin coconut oil, Biochem whey protein powder, Jay Robb’s protein powder and Stevia. Vitacost has the best prices on these items so I always shop here!

  692. Mina sheth says:

    I use vitacost veg.pb8 & coconut oil.Your good price & service gives us a good mood & good health.
    Thank you ……Keep going!!!

  693. Pamela E. says:

    My favorite Vitacost product is “Extra Virgin Certified Organic Coconut Oil”. I buy the 54 fl oz jar. Love it in oatmeal and on veggies. And I use it on my cast iron pans to “season” them. I also put this oil in my hair. It is a versatile product and I love it very much. :)

  694. grace c says:

    I am so on the Coconut Oil!

  695. Samantha Sheehan says:

    My favorite Vitacost product is Spry Toothpaste!!

  696. Jennifer says:

    Vitacost SAM-E for joints and mood

  697. Nicole says:

    I made my first order today and haven’t found a favorite yet, but I am sure I will be addicted pretty quick to my goodies I ordered.

  698. Deb says:

    My favorite product is Garden of Life Raw vitamins

  699. K.Walker says:

    My favorite product is the Vitacost brand Carb Blockers – but it’s hard to choose just one thing!

  700. Macy says:

    I love the raw protien and so does my husband which is a huge deal, because he is in chiropractic school and had become very picky about his protien taste as well as results. So thank you very much!

  701. R. Larman says:

    Aubrey Organics Moisturizing Cream Vegecol with Aloe ! Best face moisturizer for sensitive skin I’ve ever tried!

  702. Carrie says:

    Gaiam® Yoga Mat! so cool!

  703. Laurie C says:

    vegan raw protein powder! love it.

  704. Komal says:

    Jason’s Powersmile Toothpaste!! My mouth always feel fresh for hrs after use & teeth sparkling white :-)

  705. Becky says:

    Current favorite product – Extended Release Black Cohosh.

  706. Laura Chassagne says:

    I love these – my favorite – Kind Fruit and Nut Bars Almond and Coconut

  707. Allison says:

    I LOVE Prelief tablets. My bladder is very sensitive. It look me years to finally get diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. I didn’t even know that my sever pelvic pain was bladder pain. Anyhow, there was little that the doctors could do but these tablets are a life saver. I just take them when I have trigger drinks such as coffee or lemonade and I am safe. LIFESAVER!!!!

  708. Lisa says:

    I love so many things about Vitacost, especially the free shipping to my door !
    One of my favorite products is Udo’s Pet Essential Powder it’s a great price for a great product that keeps my Bernese Mtn Dog healthy. She just turned 9 !

  709. Jacques says:

    My favorite is Spiru-Tein and Delicious Greens.

  710. melissa says:

    maranath peanut butter

  711. L Andersen says:

    My faves are the tart cherry juice and the raspberry ketones complete

  712. Anastasia says:

    I can’t live without Vitex!

  713. Joanne says:

    I really love the spirulina chips. Just like candy only good for you.

  714. Terri C. McMillan says:

    the organic snacks and extra virgin olive oil

  715. Russ says:

    Nutiva Chia seeds and Native Forest Coconut Milk

  716. Gina Moore says:

    I order so much from you guys I’m not sure I could pick just one! I think though, right now I’m really loving the Sublingual Methylcobalamin Vitamin B12 Cherry — 1000 mcg – 120 Sublingual Tablets! They taste great and really help with my energy!

  717. Erica says:

    I just had my little girl 2 months ago. I am striving to get back in shape, and trying to focus on eating the right foods… for myself and for her!

  718. Kelly wait says:

    So many to choose from – but the Bachs Flower Remedies for Stress and Sleep – the softgels and sprays – I could NOT live without them …and the Vitacost Coconut Oil…love love love

  719. Samika says:

    My favorite product is Vitacost Vitamin D Drops because the only other ingredient in addition to the vitamin is olive oil and because it helps keep our family healthy.

  720. Khadijah says:

    I love Vitacosts’ coconut oil. It was a gift and I’ve been using it for a while now and love it.

  721. geraldine says:

    vitacost coconut oil

  722. Jannet Tseng says:

    My favorite product is Gaiam® Travel Towel

  723. Joanne says:

    The best value I discovered at Vitacost is the Vitacost label 54 oz Coconut OIl

  724. Kayla says:

    Gluten Free Oatmeal!!! You guys have the BEST price on it, plus it comes to my door :)

  725. Sara V says:

    I love the Omega 3 caps to take while I am pregnant!

  726. Emilia says:

    Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

  727. Annie says:

    hands down coconut oil. but I do love my vitamins, snacks and skin brush….everything is great!

  728. Lauren says:

    My favorite product at VitaCost is EcoNuts!!! #ecofriendly #reusable

  729. Sarah B. says:

    I have so many favorites at Vitacost! Here are a couple. Nature’s Way Yarrow Flower, it really helps my minor joint problems. Another household fave is Derma E Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Creme – great during breakouts!

  730. Dimple says:

    I love Vitacost’s low prices of gr8 products…especially the Paraben-free beauty products and ofcourse the high-potency vitamins!!

  731. Violet says:

    My Favorite product is the coconut oil! extra virgin, organic, cold-pressed, wonderful for cooking, always useful, nice on skin, and so yummy. Thanks, Vitacost!

  732. Ana Cadena says:

    I love the Fava, Garbanzo flour and can’t live without my Medizym Systemic Enzymes.

  733. Lori W. says:

    I like the Whey products and the Soy products but most of all I love the prices at Vitacost.

  734. Michelle says:

    I do most of my dietary supplement shopping on Vitacost. I have never been disappointed with anything I have purchased. I am happy to be able to keep myself and my family healthy at an affordable price. I really appreciate all the specialty products made available, like gluten free, dairy free, paraben free, organic, etc. Keep up the great work! I will definitely be a long time customer!

  735. loni says:

    Eco Farms Bee Pollen

  736. Susan says:

    Floe Essence tea. I give it to my mother to fight her cancer.

  737. Julie Pierson says:

    So many to choose from… how could I ever choose a favorite?! I guess I would have to say: Vitacost COCONUT OIL. From smoothies and baking to hair and skin… it really is AWESOME!!

  738. Melanie says:

    My favorite product at Vitacost is PB-8 probiotics. I have been taking them a couple years now and I don’t get sick during flu season. It really helps kick up my immune system. The funny thing is, I bought it for IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). It keeps my IBS under control as well. Couldn’t survive without my PB-8 and Vitacost is the ONLY place i buy this product. They have the best prices, hands down!

  739. Elena says:

    So many great products and great prices! One must-have is Herb Pharm Propolis Echinacea Throat Spray Liquid Herbal Extract. I love it, not taste so much but what it does. It saved us so many times. We all use it during cold season and it prevents you from getting sick.

  740. susan smoaks says:

    i love pb2 i order it by the truckload from vitacost. i love that you always have $4,99 shipping no matter how much i purchase in one order!

  741. christa says:

    We love coconut oil! it has sooooo many uses, we cook with it, made a lotion with it, use it as a 20 min mouth wash to help out teeth stay strong and healthy…I used it with the last to pregnancies and didn’t tear or get any more streatch marks……. love this stuff.

  742. Barb says:

    I really really love the Alba Botanicals Hawaiian conditioners. Both the gardenia and plumeria are AMAZING! They’re reasonably priced and work really well. Also I tell all my friends to order from because the prices can’t be beat.

  743. arlene says:

    We love many products. Essentially when on sale. Specifically New Chapter Turmeric Force and Barlean’s Essential Woman.

  744. Ramae says:

    Chocolate chip brownie Larabars!

  745. Lise Bradley says:

    It is so hard to pick just one favorite item. Vitacost, you make it so easy and affordable to buy so many great products. Deep Steep Body Butter, tangerine melon and all the variety of gluten free items :). Thank You!

  746. Jennifer B. says:

    My favorite product is actually for my 2 dogs. Newman’s Own Organics Premium Dog Treats Turkey and Sweet Potato

  747. Taylor Sovinski says:

    love the coconut oil! im a recent grad, and love looking over the website to check healthy options!

  748. amanda lewis says:

    My favorite product is the vitacost apple cider vinegar, use it everyday for a tonic, kombucha, or in salads.

  749. JANY FRY says:

    Favorite product are the multi-vitamins for women

  750. Susan Maynor says:

    One of my favorite products at is Brevail for breast health. I also love Alba products for the body—scrubs, lotions, shampoos–it is like going to the islands. I also love their prices on coconut oil and probiotics. We order those frequently. Vitacost is my goto online store for all things healthy!

  751. Sarah says:

    Many favorites! But love New Chapter Holy Basil,

  752. Kate S. says:

    I love the vitacost coconut oil. The best!!

  753. Sa'idah says:

    So….I really like all Irwin products. Both my husband and I use multiple products, and they are all great. He also really loves the Herban Cowboy soap. It has a great smell and he feels extra clean when he uses it!

  754. maria says:

    Coconut oil one of the many products!

  755. Julianne W says:

    I love Quest protein bars. With 20 grams of delicious protein and 20 grams of fiber, what is not to like? :)

  756. Patricia H says:


  757. Aisha says:

    It has to be the Vitacoco Peach and Mango Coconut Water. Best price for the best coconut water.

  758. Meagan says:

    My favorite product at vitacost is pb2.

  759. Christine says:

    love all Dr Bronners!!!

  760. Cathleen says:

    I love my PB2

  761. Rebecca says:

    I have been a regular customer of Vitacost for many years now, it is an amazing one stop shop for most of my personal needs. It is very difficult to decide what my favorite product is, since there are so many I truly love. I will narrow it down to a few of my top staples… Nutiva Coconut oil, BioAstin Astaxanthin, Vitacost Probiotics and Bragg ACV.

  762. Jessica says:

    LOVE BSN Syntha 6 Protein! Its seriously a milkshake! Its mixed with Casein and whey so its the perfect night time, and during the day snack :) I would LOVE to try the vegan raw Protein but with budget and being military it can be tight!! THANKS VITAcost for being AWESOME :)

  763. Jess says:

    My favorite product is Amerifit Nutrition Culturelle Probiotic — 30 Vegetable Capsules. I discovered Vitacost about 2 years ago and have been so happy with the products and discounts this offers. I have a huge yoga goal this year to complete 4 classes/week for 2013 and this package would really help me attain this.

  764. Elina says:

    One of my favorite products is Oolong organic tea.
    It is not too hard on my stomack like green tea and it has soothing taste.
    Exellent price too!

  765. Elizabeth says:

    I love Desert Essence shampoo and conditioner! The raspberry scent is amazing.

  766. Tawnee says:

    I loooove Garden of Life Raw Protein!

  767. Mary says:

    I buy many products from vitacost; one of my favorites is the canned coconut milk. It’s the exact product I get in the store, but at a better price.

  768. Sylvia Zajis says:

    I have not tried any of the products but have heard great things about the coconut oil.

  769. Nikki says:

    I have been using for years. My favorite is the herbamate, it’s great for energy. I would like to win this set because I having been wanting a yoga mat. Still haven’t done yoga yet! Thanks for the opportunity.

  770. Julia says:

    My favorite product is Pure Advantage B12 liquid supplement. It’s easy to take and is very effective. I’ve been using it for over a year and it is fantastic to energy and well being.

  771. Sarah says:

    Nature’s Plus Source of Life Adult Multivitamins + Celebration Herbals Organic Matcha Tea + Vitacost = Love!

    Stay happy and healthy all!

  772. Plia Cohn says:

    I love the selection of vegetarian children’s vitamins.

  773. The greatest product Vitacost offers is the website with all your products, special offers and deals. We love your coconut oil and the Tart Black Cherry Concentrate is such a great value. I think the service you offer through your website site is the best product! Which opens up the opportunities to so many more!! Helping people be healthier!!

  774. Vanessa Silversmith says:

    I love the Vitacost brand Probiotics! :)

  775. Lindsay Parke says:

    I Love all of the Ecover Laundry and cleaning products and Mrs. Meyers Clean Day!

  776. Michelle says:

    It’s hard to pick just one! Hmmm… I have to say Eden Foods Brown Rice Chips. Deliciously different & low in fat with no loss in taste. It’s hard to not eat a whole bag in one sitting! 😉

  777. Sarah B. says:

    I really like the entire Derma E face care line. Vitamin A gel, tea tree & Vitamin E cream, their scar gel, etc. Great stuff!

  778. Lorna Matos says:

    YB Raw Honey

  779. Julie Adams says:

    I love the Kiss My Face sensitive toothpaste with aloe vera gel and orange mint flavour. It is yummy!

  780. Sayble says:

    I adore the Lifetime Life’s Basics® Plant Protein Powder with Greens. Since I’m vegan I really try to make sure I include enough protein in my diet that is not soy based. This is wonderful and it tastes amazing. I especially love that I get added greens with each serving!

  781. Carmen says:

    Orgran falafel mix!

  782. Nicole says:

    I love your site. Especially the Flaxseed and Brewers Yeast for some good healthy cookies 😉

  783. Danette says:

    I have several products form that I love! One that tops my list is Super Papaya Enzyme by American Health.

  784. Rhonda says:

    Chewable iron with rose hips.

  785. Candace S. says:

    I love the KIND bars! So handy for a healthy snack on the go!

  786. Heather says:

    YS Eco Bee Farms Raw Honey

  787. Alicia Daniel says:

    Nature’s Plus Fruitein!

  788. toni says:

    Absolutely has to be the coconut oil !!! Many others, but that is the whole family’s fave! :)

  789. M.A. says:

    My favorite Vitacost product is the Spry oral care line! Thank you Vitacost for keeping organic shopping so affordable!

  790. Alana G says:

    With a fragrance allergy, I can alway find products at Vitacost and they ship fast! My favorites are Desert Essence Organic Shampoo fragrance free , Jason Glowing Apricot hand soap and Solaray Multivitamin Energy.

  791. pam Irwin says:

    Vitacost coconut oil

  792. Jessica Ruiz says:

    I like the Desert Essence/Coconut Lotion! Smells yummy!

  793. Michael says:

    Artisana coconut butter

  794. Theresa says:

    Carlson’s Lemon Oil is great for my joints and fibromyalgia.

  795. Kim says:

    Wow! What a wonderful opportunity! I am just now getting back into Yoga and I would love the Gaiam® Strength & Flexibility Kit to help me take my fitness to the next level. I’ve been out of shape for a while (babies, knee operation, etc.) and I have made a commitment to myself to get back to my old self. This would be an excellent asset to that commitment. Thanks!

  796. Kristen says:

    I love Nativa’s raw cacoa power. I use it in my shake every morning and it gives me great energy for the day!

  797. Tara says:

    Raw Organic Honey by Y. S. Organic Bee Farm is great stuff! So happy to see you carry it and add it to my Set & Save!

  798. John Hanson says:

    Carlson’s Very Best Fish Oil- Lemon

  799. Than Nguyen says:

    My favorite Vitacost is the Vitamin D. It keeps me healthy and is very affordable!!

  800. Tatiana says:

    My favorite product at is Garden of Life Raw Prenatal!!!

  801. Jennifer says:

    I love my Vitacost Coconut oil. I not only use it for baking and cooking, but also for moisturizing my skin and hair. Great product, great price!

  802. Kim W says:

    I love this site for so much it’s hard to pick just one favorite, but I love the Sequel Naturals Vega One Nutritional Shake Vanilla Chai!!!

  803. Kirsten says:

    I live in Canada and love all that Vitacost has to offer! Great prices, hassle free shipping and excellent customer service!! I was in a MV accident in late 2011 and would love to be able to do yoga in 2013…put it on my to do list! I love all the organic items, but also the pet stuff too…this isn’t just all stuff for us humans! My favorite thing right now is the Syntrax Nectar, as my mobility is diminished, they offer great protein shakes, and this helps with my on-going quest to get better in 2013! My favorite flavor is the Roadside Lemonade. Thanks for all that you do! Here is to all for better health, well being and peace in 2013!

  804. Andrea Long says:

    Huge fan and all Vitacost Supplements, especially the children’s multi!

  805. Eddie says:

    Haven’t found anything that I do not like….I have ordered Vitacost for many years! Thank you for providing this site for us.

  806. Shawna says:

    My favorite products are the Child Life vitamins.

  807. Kelly says:

    My favorite item I’ve gotten so far from has got to be the Chocolove Bars! Real nutritous right? Mmm. They are usually double the price anywhere else I’ve seen. Seems I could probably really use this yoga package :)

  808. nikki says:

    I love the vitacost 5-htp. After a very long and mentally strenuous year it was just what I needed to start feeling like myself again. :)

  809. Patrick H says:

    I’m new here and so far I’m loving everything Vitacost has to offer

  810. Sharon says:

    My favorite product from Vitacost is Mygrafew. I’ve tried many other feverfew products but this one really works for me!

  811. AJ says:

    COQ10 is my absolute favorite. My hair stylist begged me to stop taking it, since my hair grows faster than ever!!!
    Yoga life style has become my new way of life; it’s rewarding, grounding and my body is loving it!

  812. Nancy Johnstone says:

    I would love to get back to my yoga class–haven’t been able to go in 5 months, since a car accident–but now I’m ready, and a new mat would be great! I need to lose weight, and would love to try these products, especially the coconut oil.

  813. Corinne Boccieri says:

    My favorite product from Vitacost is the Carrageenan that I just ordered! It will help me on my next endeavor of making vegan artisan cheeses :)

  814. joycourtgirl says:

    my favorite product is Fruitein Exotic Red Protein Shake. yummy!

  815. Sarah Hall says:

    So hard to choose! But I do love the Prince of Peace Premium Jasmine Green Tea–great tea, great price! And I can’t find my St. Dalfour Ginger and Orange Marmalade or Kumquat fruit spread anywhere else. Love you guys!

  816. hebe says:

    I love the Wedderspoon Organic New Zealand Manuka Honey

  817. mike t. says:

    Rapunzel chocolate hazelnut butter!! :)

  818. Jennifer says:

    I love Orgain!

  819. Barbara C says:

    I have many favorites I order regularly, Omega 3, Odorless Garlic, Vitamin D, B complex and on and on. This to me is the best place to shop for my vitamins and also started with the Spry mouthwash and toothpaste. Great stuff~ Now I would like to start doing Yoga to help my stress levels. I hear it works well.

  820. Pamela Schneider says:

    favorite product is: Garden of Life® RAW Green Super Food!!!!

  821. River says:

    I love vitacost! I really want to get into yoga this year. My favorite product is the New chapter multi-vitamins! I also love the superslim lemonade detox!

  822. Sun says:

    Omega 3 fish oil, been on it for more than year now, hair and nails seem healthier!

  823. Mimi says:

    Can’t say I have a favorite product at vitacost, that would limit myself in expressing the awesomeness that this site provides! From the outstanding customer service to half off items, free gift vouchers to discounted prices… not to mention FREE shipping sometimes.. 😀 well, all the time for me whenever I order 49$ and over. <3

  824. jacqueline says:

    Vitacost msm

  825. Becca S says:

    I love everything about Vitacost but my favorite is the YS Ecobee Farms Honey. It’s raw and amazing!!!

  826. Mitchel says:

    We love ordering and using the Natural Vitality Calm products. They are hands down simply the best.

  827. Jo L Smith says:

    Yummi bears for my son

  828. Sarah Brown says:

    My favorite vitacost item is the YS eco bee farm organic raw honey! Yum!