Call Me Cave Girl

That’s it. I’m going paleo. I’ve been reading about the paleo diet for years, and I’m finally giving it a try. Intuitively, I’ve been gravitating in this direction–I just feel like going back to nature (lean meats, unprocessed foods, healthy fats) is the way to go.   I’ve been on the fence because I don’t love meat. But I’ve heard enough about the benefits of this lifestyle to finally give it a go.  And I saw a new, very controversial approach to paleo on my favorite TV doc show earlier this week that actually might work with my “pescatarian” palate.

 Paleo Kale With Eggs

Unlike previous ix-nay the beans rules about paleo, this new approach actually allows three servings of legumes a week.  And my pantry is positively overflowing with organic chickpeas, lentils and black beans (working at Vitacost has its perks) so I’m covered!  Like all paleo plans, it also calls on heavy servings of kale, eggplant, cabbage, sweet potatoes–all of these things are already in my kitchen and my absolute favorites, so that part is easy, too!

What you’re supposed to do is fill 2/3 of your plate with these veggies (fresh ones, not processed) and 1/3 of it with protein. Which 3 times a week, can be legumes rather than meat. And then you also add a big dollop of a healthy fat–coconut oil, olive oil or avocado.

You do need to go light on dairy, but when you have it, go full-fat. (Butter! Real butter! How I’ve missed you!)

This is what I am eating today:


I had two eggs that I sauteed in coconut oil with a ton of kale. Like half a head of it. And garlic, and onions. YUM.


I packed heapfuls of baby spinach, which I’m eating with poached salmon and half an avocado. More coconut oil on top. I do like salmon–just used to be something I ate once in a blue moon!


Greek yogurt


I’m going to try the Paleoista’s Wild Shrimp Scampi recipe and serve it with sweet potatoes roasted in olive oil and maybe some broccoli. Can’t wait!

I’m thinking this is going to be totally doable, but fingers crossed I can deal with all the meat. My paleo friends, do you have any survival tips to offer this Cave Girl In Training??? Tweet me at @AnitasJourney if you do!

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Always looking for new ways to live healthy and to be inspired. #Yogi by night and @Vitacost guru by day. Follow me on my journey!

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