Cellulite. It Just Isn’t Right.

Do you know what just isn’t fair? Losing 90 lbs. and still having cellulite. While my weight-loss journey has brought me to the happy destination I like to call lifelong maintenance, I haven’t even started working on cellulite…mainly because I always believed it was a naturally occurring phenomenon and that those “cellulite removal” products were scams. But my favorite doc on television was just talking about a few strategies to naturally reduce those annoying orange-peel dimples, and fortunately, they look pretty easy and inexpensive to add them to my routine.

Watermelon Radish


Water, water everywhere—drink more water and eat water-dense produce like radishes, carrots, strawberries, cucumbers and cantaloupe.

Caffeine cream—We sell a product here at Vitacost.com called Cellumin that’s packed with caffeine, thanks to natural ingredients like green tea and guarana. It also contains retinol, another ingredient found to reduce the appearance of cellulite. I just opened my first bottle and I can’t tell yet whether it’s working, but I can say it’s a very nice product. It feels light, rubs in easily and smells very nice, too, a little bit minty—no “eau de old lady” like you get with other products!

Body brushing—Take a regular old body brush you’d use to exfoliate the skin and use it in an upward motion for five minutes pre-shower. Make sure it’s not too soft (it won’t be effective) or too rough (this shouldn’t feel like self-abuse.) Earth Therapeutics makes one that has just the right amount of “necessary roughness,” and I like the extra-long handle since I find it very hard to reach the areas where I need it most with the ones I’ve seen in the store!

These strategies might work for some people better than others…I sure hope they work for me! I figure after years of hard work in the kitchen as well as the gym, I owe it to myself to try!

Have you had any luck with reducing cellulite? Comment below or tweet me at @AnitasJourney!


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