Five Fall Fitness Tips

Fall has arrived, which means shorter days, cooler temperatures and plenty of activities are on the way ““ so now is the perfect time to rev up your fitness routine! Consider these five helpful fitness tips for fall:


1. Get outside: Take advantage of the cool, comfortable weather by taking your workout outside. Walk with a friend, hit the trails on your bike or join a recreational sports league.

2. Be safe: Dress appropriately for cooler weather, including layers if necessary. Since days are shorter in fall, be sure to wear reflective clothing and add lights to your bike if you’ll be exercising in the dark. Remember to drink plenty of water, even in cooler weather.

3. Find an activity: From corn mazes to 5K races, there are plenty of fall activities that can keep you on your feet.  As an added bonus, signing up for an upcoming activity can motivate you to stick with your new fitness routine.

4. Bring the family: Get everyone involved in your quest for fitness ““ find fun fall activities the whole family can do together!

5. Turn TV time into a workout: Don’t miss the new seasons of your favorite TV shows ““ simply incorporate them into your workout by doing crunches during commercials or watching while lifting light weights or walking in place.

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