Win an iPad Air, Vitamix & Other Prizes

14 Resolutions for 2014Check out our 14 Resolutions for a Healthier 2014–then share  your  New Year’s resolution
to  be entered to win an iPad Air, Vitamix blender and 14 other amazing prizes.

Win a Vitamix, iPad Air and more

1. Reclaim Your Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are in”¦and you’re going to be in them!  This is the year you will achieve the body of your dreams. Choose aids in our Quick-Start Kit to give your weight loss efforts a boost, and shop our thousands of diet-friendly foods, meal replacement shakes and supplements to make ’14 the year you get lean and mean.

Attack fat from all angles.  Not in love with those love handles? Though you can’t change genetics, here are several sure-fire ways to burn body fat where you need it most.  Learn  more.

Your quick-start weight-loss kit:

South Beach Diet Peanut Butter ProteinFit Bars
Almased Synergy Diet
Futurebiotics  Green Coffee Extract
Garden of Life  FucoThin ® Green
Vitacost Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Get Cut with Sports & Fitness ProductsFitness evolves each year and you’ve got to be ready to move with it.  Stay on top of the latest high-intensity workouts and cleaned-up sports nutrition.  Check out our Quick-Start Kit for muscle-building must-haves and shop our thousands of sports & fitness products to score big savings on everything from protein to creatine to pre-workout energizers.  

5 time-saving tips for bodybuilders.  You’re a heavy lifter with a lot on your plate. To avoid feeling stressed, pick up a few time-saving habits and take-anywhere tools to stay strong and sculpted.    Learn more.

Your quick-start fitness kit:

Twinlab Ripped Fuel ® 5X
PB2  Powdered  Peanut Butter
Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrowhey ® Turbo Chocolate
Hydroxycut Hardcore ® Elite
Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts
ARO-Vitacost Black Series Whey Protein Complex PLUS Natural Chocolate

Stress Less in 2014Don’t let stress get the best of you in 2014.With the right coping techniques and support from a balanced diet and supplements, you’ll go from OMG to  ommm  in no time. Check out our Quick-Start Kit for “serenity now!” must-haves. If a nice cuppa is a comfort, we sell more than 1,000 teas  in flavors ranging from acai to yumberry.

Natural solutions for stress support.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed and run down, try these herbal solutions recommended by a naturopathic physician. Learn more.

Your quick-start relaxation kit:

Yogi  Herbal Tea Honey Lavender Stress Reliefâ„¢
NOW Solutions Rose Hip Seed Oil
Kyolic  Aged Garlic Extractâ„¢ Immune Formula 103
Natural Vitality  Natural Calm in Raspberry Lemon
Vitacost Ashwagandha Extract

LP_4Put an end to the tossing and turning with healthy lifestyle changes and supplements that naturally support a good night’s sleep. Say goodbye to counting sheep with our Quick-Start Kit of bedtime essentials. Shop our enormous selection of sleep support products, ranging from melatonin to aromatherapy.

 The ABCs of better Zzzzzzs.  Here are four tips for mastering the art of shuteye, despite a hectic schedule, worried mind or less-than-stellar diet.  Learn more.


Your quick-start sleep-better kit:

Celestial Seasonings  Sleepytime Herbal Tea (caffeine free, of course!)
Natrol Melatonin Time Release — 5 mg
Bucky 40 Blinks Sleep Mask
Herbs Etc.  Deep Sleep ®
Vitacost  Quickdots Sublingual Melts  Melatonin — 1 mg

Eat clean with simple, nutritious foods

Start 2014 off on the right foot by giving processed foods the boot and  choose simple, natural ingredients instead. Check out our Quick-Start Kit for pantry essentials no kitchen should be without, and shop our amazing assortment of more than 10,000 healthy food and specialty diet products, including gluten-free items, vegan vittles and more.

What does it mean to “eat clean”?  A clean diet doesn’t involve intense restriction or going hungry. Here are our tips for filling your plate with whole, nutritious foods.  Learn more.

Your quick-start eat-clean kit:

YS Eco Bee Farms  Raw Honey
Woodstock Farms  Raw Almond Butter (unsalted)
MegaFood  Balanced B Complex
Vitacost Whole Food Non-GMO White Chia Seeds
Vega Sport Performance Vanilla Protein

Buy eco-friendly productsYou  can  make the world a better place, one “green” decision at a time!  Choose from hundreds of non-toxic cleaners  and thousands of organic food options. Check out our Quick-Start Guide to bring eco-consciousness to every room of your house. If avoiding animal testing is important to you, visit our cruelty-free store of personal care products.  

10 surprising ways to have a “green” day.  Add a little “green” to your life by following these 10 environmentally friendly (and money-saving)  tips.  Learn more.

Your quick-start shop-green kit:

Method Daily Granite Cleaner in Apple Orchard
Mrs. Meyer’s  Clean Day ® Liquid Dish Soap in Lemon Verbena
Seventh Generation  Chlorine Free Ultra-Thin Pads Regular with Wings
The Clean Collection All-Purpose Cleaner
Nature’s Gate Flouride Free  Natural Toothpaste Creme De Mint

Hydrate your body and your skinIt’s time to give your body what it’s been craving ““ moisture!  Aim for at least 64 oz. of water a day, and give  coconut water  a try!  Drench your skin with naturally moisturizing serums and creams. Check out our Quick-Start Guide for head-to-toe hydration, or visit Vitacost’s extensive array of skin care products to protect and nourish skin.

Goodbye, frizzies. Hello, fabulous!  Whether you’re dealing with flyaways, frizz or split ends, one thing’s for certain. All of these hair woes can be solved with one magical word: moisture! Learn  more.

Your quick-start get-hydrated kit:

Vitacoco Coconut Water  (unflavored)
Desert Essence Organics Coconut Hand and Body Lotion
CytoSport Cytomax ® Cool Citrus Sports Performance Drink
New Wave Enviro Eastar Water Bottle with Handle
Glonaturals Essential Collection – Hydrating Mist

Natural energy solutionsTackle that to-do list, make it to the gym, start and end your days feeling great.  It sounds impossible, but more energy is within your reach. Start by  cleaning up your diet and taking energy-support supplements.  Check out our Quick-Start Kit to add pep to your step, or shop our hundreds of coffees, in blends ranging from  Colombian to Yirgacheffe.

3 energizing smoothies.  Replace your regular breakfast with one of these energizing smoothies, loaded with nutrition from superfoods such as green tea, chia seeds, flaxseed and berries. Learn  more.

Your quick-start energy kit:

Solgar  Methylcobalamin Sublingual Vitamin B12
Paradise Herbs Orac Energy Protein Greens
BSN NO-XPLODEâ„¢ 2.0 Advanced Strength Fruit Punch
Nutrex Research LIPO-6 ® Black
Vitacost Targeted Wellness Energy Support

Healthy morningsIt’s a new year, but more importantly a new day!  Every morning is a chance to rise and shine as a healthier, happier you. Start by eating a wholesome breakfast  and primping with natural personal care products. Check out our Quick-Start Kit to ensure you start every day the healthy way, and browse through our thousands of multivitamins to find the right formula for you.

Breakfast in a pinch.  If you can’t manage a sit-down meal, try one of these tasty and healthy grab-and-go options to fuel up! Learn more.

Your quick-start better-morning kit:

New Chapter Every Woman’s One Daily
Kind  Plus Protein Bars in Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate
Xlear  Spry Toothpaste without Flouride in Xylitol Peppermint
Glutenfreeda  Instant Oatmeal  Variety Pack
Vitacost Whole Food Men’s Once Daily Multi-Vitamin


try a new lookNow is the perfect time to try something you’ve never done before. Dye your hair a captivating copper. Find your new favorite lipstick. Join a funky exercise class. Eat something healthy and exotic. The world is full of wild experiences ““ start living! Begin with our Quick-Start Kit of adventurous products –or head to our natural cosmetics products to find the new you!

Guide to natural hair dyes. If you want to steer clear of hazardous ingredients, these popular plant-based dyes are the secret to beautiful locks and vibrant colors that last. Learn more.

Your quick-start adventure kit:

Naturtint  Permanent Hair Color 5N (light chestnut brown)
Reviva Labs Black Mascara (hypoallergenic)
Biotta Beet Juice
Honeybee Gardens Nail Enamel in Tuscany
Glonaturals Argan Collection – Hair Serum

Raise healthier children for a healthier tomorrowWhether you’re just starting to plan your family or your “baby” is taller than you,  today  is the day to cultivate a healthy tomorrow.  Be a healthy role model  so your children learn from your example. Check out our Quick-Start Kit to start your child off on the right foot, and browse’s thousands of discounted baby products and kids’ health items.

Teaching kids to be healthy.  A mom of three offers some been-there-done-that tips for guiding children to make thoughtful decisions about how to fuel their growing bodies. Learn more.

Your quick-start healthy kids kit:

Childlife  Liquid Calcium with Magnesium in Natural Orange
Nature’s Plus  Animal Parade ® Children’s Multi-Vitamin and Minerals (assorted flavors)
Nature’s One Baby’s Only Organic Dairy-Based Iron-Fortified Toddler Formula
Happy Baby happyyogisâ„¢ Organic Superfoods Yogurt and Fruit Snacks  in Mixed Berry
Vitacost InfantHealth Multi-vitamin Drops Natural Orange

Snack oftenEat your way thin.  Nosh every three hours on nibbles  that provide high protein, whole grains and natural ingredients  to keep  your metabolism revving at full speed. Check out our Quick-Start Kit to fill your pantry with healthy, satisfying mini-meals, or browse our selection of thousands of healthy snacks to find the right food fix for you!

Healthy foods for every craving.  Instead of putting your favorite foods on the naughty list, find healthy alternatives that will satisfy a yearning for something sweet, salty, crunchy or creamy and never feel deprived again! Learn more.

Your quick-start healthy snacks kit:

Kay’s Naturals Cinnamon Toast Protein Pretzel Sticks
Mary’s Gone Crackers  Organic Seed Crackers
Lundberg Organic Lightly Salted Brown Rice Cakes
Go Raw 100% Organic Ginger Snap Super Cookies
Vitacost Roasted Almonds (no salt)

Show yourself some loveYou’ve been so busy tending to the needs of others, you probably haven’t left any room for “me” time!  Make a point to treat yourself — with a relaxing bubble bath, yoga class or even a steaming cup of herbal tea. Check out our Quick-Start Kit for pampering must-haves, or shop our  spa products, aromatherapy and candles to make yourself a priority””finally!

Pampering picks for the perfect bath.  Create your own relaxing getaway at home with luxurious essential oils and soothing soaks that melt away stress and leave you feeling refreshed. Learn more.

Your quick-start “me time” kit:

Avalon Organics  Renewal Facial Cream with Vitamin C
Alba Botanica ® Hawaiian Papaya Enzyme Facial Mask
Country Life Maxi-Hair Time-Release Capsules
Tea Forte Organic Mango Colada Coconut Tea
Glonaturals Coconut Collection – Body Lotion

Make your healthy lifestyle a habitEvery January, you resolve to be healthier. But then  life  happens. What’s different about this year?  You have thousands of healthy products, tips, recipes and recommendations at your fingertips. Check out our Quick-Start Kit to make sure you’re starting off 2014 with the tools “”and put the healthy products you use often on Set & Save  to stay  on track all year.

Set & Save is your new best friend.  Get all the supplements, foods & other health essentials you need on a regular basis, without having to re-order! Learn more.

Your quick-start healthy habits kit:

Twinlab  Women’s Ultra Daily Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement  
Nutrition Now  PB 8 ® Pro-Biotic Acidophilus For Lifeâ„¢
Kind  Plus Antioxidant Bars in Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew
About Time Whey Protein Isolate Vanilla
Vitacost Synergy Once Daily ® Multi-Vitamin

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13 comments on «Win an iPad Air, Vitamix & Other Prizes»

  1. Marialice Hatch says:

    My resolution is to live healthier & more active!

  2. Sarah says:

    To do my absolute best each day with no regrets….and to put in some muscle!!! :)

  3. Melanie Magaña says:

    My resolution is to be more positive & get healthy along the way.

  4. Christy Huntington says:

    My resolution is to spend more time with people I care about and take better care of myself.

  5. Ann Hughes says:

    My resolution is to consistently live the balanced healthy lifestyle I teach my clients about.

  6. Shanti says:

    My New Years resolution is to make family diet changes by pulling in healthy recipes for our meals from sources such as “Against All Grains” until it becomes our first choice and to walk outside regularly.

  7. olivia jonczak says:

    i want to pay it forward this year and help people who may be struggling or less fortunate, I recently gave a young lady a huge amount of clothes so she could better afford to take care of her two special needs children and still feel stylish and good about herself .

  8. this year I want to PAY IT FORWARD try to help those less fortunate .
    I recently gave a young lady an entire wardrobe so she can afford more for her special need children. my hopes was she felt stylish and better about herself .

  9. danielle palmer says:

    great ideas for 2014

  10. Abbie Tarkington says:

    My resolution is to sleep well, move more, and complain less. Also stay hydrated;)

  11. Jenny says:

    My resolution is to be healthier both physically and spirtually!

  12. Amy Lee says:

    To live in the moment. Eat healthy. Exercise. Laugh more. Stress less!

  13. Holly says:

    My new year’s resolution is just to live a cleaner life… Eat and drink cleaner, less clutter in my home, clean up my relationships and get rid of those that do not benefit me in any capacity.

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