Natural Ways to Soothe Kids’ Health Woes

You love your little kiddos with every fiber of your being. You want them to be as happy and healthy as humanly possible. That’s why we’ve gathered these articles from our friends at Wellness Times to spotlight some natural ways to soothe common childhood ailments, from sniffles and earaches to constipation and crankiness.

Give homeopathy a try: There are many uses for homeopathy, from soothing the sensitivity caused by teething to calming an occasional case of diaper rash.

Soothe icky earaches: Watching your little one suffer from an earache is certainly heartbreaking. Explore natural options like fresh ginger tea (for older kids) or gentle, soothing massage.

Fight the grumps: Studies show that omega-3 essential fatty acids may help support normal brain development and healthy mood in children.

Calm occasional constipation: If your child is experiencing uncomfy constipation, you may want to try probiotics (beneficial bacteria) which can promote — for lack of a better term — healthy poop!

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