Stay-Well Tips for the Entire Family

Staying healthy when you have a house full of walking, talking petri dishes ““”“ I mean kids ““”“ is no small feat. And while I don’t recommend you put your kids in a bubble until those spring bulbs you planted spout above the thawing ground, you can do a few things to keep all those germs at bay.

For those cooties that are always trying to hitch a ride on your little one’s hands, make sure you always have CleanWell All Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes with you. I keep the big container in the cup holder in my car and a small package in my purse. We use them whenever we hop in the car after visiting a public place and to clean our hands any time we eat in a restaurant. Made with essential oils that not only have a lovely scent but also effectively kill 99.9 percent of harmful germs, I prefer them to the alcohol-based hand sanitizers as they are gentler on our skin and safe for even the youngest of children.

A diet with plenty of food rich in antioxidants like is a great way to help support your immune system, too. Add dried organic blueberries to your oatmeal bake in the morning and add two teaspoons of pure cranberry juice concentrate to your sparkling water at lunch. If you’re into supplements, you can always throw in some vitamin C or Wellness Season Formula, because it can’t hurt, right?

Of course, none of these things are fool proof and sometimes you’re going to lose the battle. When that happens, make sure you have some great methods to soothe wait ails you. Facial tissues or organic cotton hankies, cough drops, and some tea are my personal favorite for riding out the aches and pains of the common cold.

Stay well, Bombshells!

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