The Essential Oil for Everything

Q: What’s this tea tree oil ingredient I’m seeing in so many of my beauty products?

A: Tea tree oil is made from the leaves of the Australian tree Melaleuca alternifolia and has a multitude of practical uses. Tea tree oil has become extremely popular for its natural anti-fungal and anti-septic properties. Most people purchase tea tree in its pure oil form, but you can find it among the top-listed ingredients in everything from shampoo to toothpaste to lip balm.

The Essential Oil for Everything

Tea tree oil can be used for everything from clearing skin to cleaning counters. Get yours today and make your own natural solutions.

Q: How do I use it?

A: Because of the nearly endless creative applications of tea tree oil, this could get personal…as in personal hygiene. Tea tree oil is easy to use in do-it-yourself skincare treatments. Plus, becoming an essential oil alchemist and creating your own solutions is fun and rewarding! Here are a few simple and effective DIY ways you can utilize this essential oil to improve how you look and feel on a daily basis:

Aromatherapy: Add a few drops of tea tree oil to a pot of boiling water (after removing it from the stove) and lean in a bit to inhale the vapors. This can help to relieve minor nasal discomfort. Alternatively, you can add a few drops to a humidifier or diffuser to help keep the nasal passages open during the night.

Beauty treatment: Tea tree oil may be beneficial in combating acne. Dilute a few drops of tea tree with your favorite topical oil (jojoba oil and sweet almond oil are a few good options), and apply a small amount to irritated areas with a cotton swab. It can also be used in a facial mask. Mix equal parts healing clay and apple cider vinegar (or water) with 3-4 drops of tea tree oil.

Oral care: When it comes to your oral health, using all-natural products gives you something to smile about. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to warm water to make your own refreshing mouthwash. For a natural — and very simple — toothpaste, mix equal amounts of coconut oil and baking soda with a few drops of tea tree oil.

Household cleaning: Combine 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil with 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. This homemade combination can be effective at cleaning various surfaces without lingering streaks, smudges or harmful chemicals.

Body care:  Tea tree oil can simply be used in its pure form on fingernails and toenails to support a clean and healthy environment. Ladies, take note: tea tree oil can be especially helpful in cleaning the area between real and artificial nails. Two thumbs up for your health and beauty!

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    One of the important use of essential oil is to cure skin infection like athlete feet, allergies etc. :) Thanks for sharing.

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