Toxic Toys, Tomatoes and Public Transportation

By now, most of us are aware that toxins can lurk almost anywhere – in the air we breathe, on the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the products we come into contact with every day.

This week, our content partners at Wellness Times delve into a few common sources of toxins, why they’re dangerous and how to avoid them:

Toys: Unfortunately, many products made for children (including toys) may contain harmful chemicals and toxinssuch as BPA, phthalates and even lead. Check labels and be on the lookout for flexible plastic, low-quality paints and imported toys.

Read the full article about toxic toys.

Tomatoes: Non-organic produce may contain pesticide residue and synthetic fertilizers - yuck. But there’s good news about organic fruits & veggies, aside from their lack of toxin content. Researchers recently discovered that organic tomatoes grown without synthetic fertilizers contained higher levels of antioxidants than those grown conventionally.

Get the full scoop about organic tomatoes.

Public transportation: Although it may come as no surprise, the diesel exhaust fumes coming from vehicles such as trucks and city buses has been directly linked to lung cancer. The research, recently published in Lancet Oncology, was based on findings from multiple human clinincal trials.

Learn how to reduce your exposure to toxic diesel exhaust.


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