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There’s no doubt that scent is a powerful trigger for feelings and memories. Smelling cinnamon might remind you of happy times baking with your grandmother as a child. Coconut might conjure up your favorite beach vacation. Peppermint and pine can put you in the mood for holiday festivities, even if it’s the middle of July.

If this hits home for you, you may be interested in aromatherapy. A natural health practice involving the use of essential oils to support well-being, aromatherapy is based on the power of scent to positively affect mind, body and spirit.

Not all essential oils are created equal

More than just liquid plant extracts, essential oils are naturally occurring essences that are carefully harvested from the leaves, roots, seeds, flowers or bark of certain plants. A process of steam distillation is used, allowing the potent compounds to be collected without the use of chemicals. In some cases, particularly with citrus, plant parts are cold-pressed to obtain the oils.

While essential oils aren’t hard to come by, quality can be. Often, you’ll find “fragrant oils” made from synthetic ingredients or inferior blends containing synthetic components. These versions may be less expensive, but choosing them could put you at risk for skin irritation and other negative side effects. Plus, you won’t experience the full benefits of aromatherapy, which depends on the unique, natural properties of plants to work its true magic.

Try Vitacost 100% Pure Essential Oils

Our mission to take the cost out of healthy living doesn’t stop at supplements, skin care or even snacks. To support your whole-body approach to wellness, Vitacost has extended its line of essential oils, made with the highest quality plant materials and steam distilled for 100% purity.

Whether using a diffuser to fill a room with scent or adding drops to a relaxing bath, you can rest assured that you’re not inhaling or absorbing anything synthetic with Vitacost essential oils. Choose from:

Lavender Oil: This strong, sweet, floral oil  has a long tradition of use in skin care and cleaning (the word is derived from the Latin “lavare,” meaning “to wash”). Lavender is said to have calming and soothing effects, making it the perfect choice for natural stress relief.

Tea Tree Oil: With its strong, camphor-like scent, tea tree oil is an aromatherapy and natural health favorite, used for its stimulating and germ-fighting abilities. You’ll find it in many body care products, from toothpaste to blemish treatments, but it also makes a great addition to homemade cleaning solutions.

Peppermint Oil & Spearmint Oil: Cooling and strong, mint oils offer refreshing benefits. They contain menthol, a natural compound found in mint-family plants, often added to chest rubs and cough drops for its soothing effects. Try adding a few drops to your humidifier when you’re feeling under the weather.

Lemon Oil: Lemon is a scent associated with clean or fresh, which makes sense when you learn that the oil has natural antiseptic properties. The aroma is also uplifting and clarifying, good for brightening mood and improving concentration.

Cinnamon Oil: Popular in the kitchen, cinnamon is a versatile essential oil, with its warm spicy aroma easing irritability when inhaled or relaxing muscles and sore joints when applied topically. Some also swear by cinnamon oil as a natural and non-toxic ant ant repellant — a trick you can try when warmer weather is here again.

This selection is just a small sampling of the Vitacost Essential Oils line,  which also includes eucalyptus, sweet orange, rosemary and many other favorite oils. As soon as you open a bottle, you’ll recognize the quality, though you may not believe it, with the affordable price you paid.

With the holidays just around the corner, why not add essential oils to your wellness plan for managing stress? They also make a creative, healthy gift, especially when tucked into a basket along with bath or beauty supplies.

I’d love to hear more about your experiences with essential oils and aromatherapy. Have you found a way to improve your well-being with essential oils? I invite you to share your story.

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